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Are There Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone?

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - November 3, 2015

Maintaining an ideal level of testosterone in the body is essential for men and women at any age, and this can reap benefits from changes in diet, lifestyle, and exercise. As we age, the production of important hormones, such as testosterone, begins to decrease. With the dropping of these levels, a number of different changes in physiological, physical, and mental functions can take place. This can have a dramatic effect on emotional well-being. Thankfully, there are natural ways to increase testosterone that can help.

In this report, we will look at the various steps that a person can take to improve the body’s production of testosterone, as well as what medical science can do to help. Finding the best way to increase testosterone will more than likely differ from one individual to the next because no two people experience this decline in the same way.

Certain health-related issues can have an impact on testosterone production, such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease. If the decline is severe, a person will likely need to speak with a hormone replacement therapy specialist about testosterone replacement – one of the most proven ways to increase testosterone levels in the body.

There are things that can be done, such as losing weight, getting enough sleep, eating right, and exercising that can help increase testosterone levels. The next section will focus on the natural steps a person can take before turning to bioidentical medications.

How Can I Increase My Testosterone Level Without Medication?

In today’s society, attention is often focused on the natural ways of doing things, and raising hormone levels are no different. If there are natural ways to increase testosterone levels, people often want to give them a try before turning to pharmaceutical intervention. There is nothing wrong with attempting to do all you can on your own to raise the level of this essential hormone in the body.

So, is there a natural way to increase testosterone production? The answer is yes; there are actually many different steps that a person can take to help this process along. Some people will readily spring into action while others will find it hard to make certain lifestyle changes. Hopefully, there will be something here for everyone, and even one tiny change can make a difference – especially when a person’s deficiency is still in the early stages.

We are also asked if there are ways to increase testosterone in females that is different from males, and for the most part, all of the same steps will provide benefits for men and women, alike.

Some effective ways to naturally increase testosterone levels include:

  • Lose weight – shedding some excess fat has been shown to help increase the body’s own production of testosterone. Obviously, there will also be many other health benefits from this process, and most people will see positive changes in blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in addition to an increase in hormone production.
  • Exercise – intense workouts have been found to increase the body’s production of both testosterone and growth hormone. Short periods of high-intensity exercise is needed, as well as intense strength training. Slow movements with weights are another way to increase testosterone.
  • Fasting – intermittent fasting is another way of increasing the secretion of both hormones mentioned in the exercise bullet point.
  • Dietary/food choices – we have placed an entire report about Foods That Increase Testosterone on this website. It features the 31 foods that have been shown to help increase testosterone levels. While on this subject, it is also wise to eliminate sugar, fried and fatty foods, and processed foods and chemicals from your diet.
  • Consume heart healthy fats – although this can be found in the page mentioned above, it is essential to point out here that the body needs healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids to aid in hormone production.
  • Increase BCAA’s – branch chain amino acids have been shown to raise testosterone levels. BCAA’s can be found in whey protein and high-quality dairy products and cheeses.
  • Vitamins and minerals – increasing your intake of vitamin D and zinc is beneficial, but try to accomplish this through food and dietary changes whenever possible as a natural way to increase testosterone levels.
  • Reduce stress – stress is not only bad for the immune system and the body, in general, but it also releases a counterproductive hormone called cortisol which interferes with the secretion of both GH and testosterone.
  • Sleep – strive to get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night to help improve hormone secretion. This is an excellent natural way to increase testosterone levels.

Any individual – female or male – who suspects that her or his testosterone levels are low should contact a hormone replacement specialist to get a testosterone blood test before starting to make any of these changes. A baseline reading is essential in order to see if the steps taken are making an actual difference in testosterone production.

When Should I Turn to Testosterone Treatment?

Ways to Increase TestosteroneIt is important to know when to turn to bioidentical hormone replacement to treat Low T. Sometimes, no matter how many of the steps were taken and changes made from the list above are tried, testosterone production does not go up. When that occurs, it is time to turn to medically proven safe ways to increase testosterone levels in the body.

One of the reasons getting a blood test before making these changes is important is so that the hormone replacement specialist has a starting point to work with early on in the process. For example, if a person tests borderline – meaning his or her testosterone levels are still in the normal range, and the symptoms of Low T are still very slight, the doctor will often suggest trying some of the best ways to increase testosterone listed in the previous section.

On the other hand, for someone who is experiencing severe symptoms and has blood test results that show low testosterone levels, it may be time to turn to ways to increase testosterone quickly with bioidentical supplementation. This is also used when follow-up blood tests a few months down the road show that the lifestyle changes have not accomplished their goal.

Even if a person has blood test results that show Low T, but there are no symptoms present, medication will not be ordered. The purpose of testosterone treatment is to reverse the effects of the adverse symptoms that are present.

Where to Get Testosterone Treatment

When all of the ways to naturally increase testosterone have not worked, it is time to allow the hormone replacement specialist to prescribe bioidentical supplementation. Finding a clinic and doctor is not difficult when you know where to look. A medical clinic such as National HRT is an excellent choice. Doctors specializing in hormonal therapies know what to look for in terms of symptoms, what blood tests are required, and how to interpret the findings of the blood analysis, physical examination report, and medical history questionnaire.

There are easy ways to increase testosterone, and a qualified and experienced doctor is the best person to supervise this process. Many different options exist for raising testosterone levels, and not all of them are a wise choice. Buying medications off of the internet from companies that do not require a prescription or provide medical guidance is a mistake. This could result in receiving something that is counterfeit and dangerous in the worst case, or the wrong dosage or type of testosterone treatment on the other end of the spectrum.

At National HRT, our medical professionals are happy to explain the natural ways to increase testosterone in women and men, and provide all of the necessary testing, guidance, and treatment as required. We offer free consultations to adults throughout the United States and have local labs ready to perform the blood analysis.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on November 21, 2023

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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