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HGH Kits for Sale – What you Need to Know Before Order

The first thing to know about finding HGH kits for sale online is that the companies that advertise this option are often located in China or other foreign countries. They do not provide entire “kits” for people to use, merely the medication that they are offering up as human growth hormones.

HGH Kits for Sale

In order to purchase HGH legally in the US, a doctor’s prescription is required, and this will only occur after a blood test shows that a growth hormone (GH) deficiency is present.

Many of the so-called “HGH kits” that are advertised for sale are sold by the color of the cap rather than a brand name, and come in boxes containing 10 vials of “medication” and nothing more. These are generic products that are often manufactured in unregulated warehouses or factories. Products of this nature have often been found to be contaminated, diluted, contain unsafe chemicals or ingredients, or ineffective for use.

At our National HRT hormone replacement clinic, we provide our customers who have been diagnosed with GH deficiency a complete program package that includes all of the following supplies:

  • HGH medication in the dosage that has been prescribed by the doctor
  • Bacteriostatic solution as needed to reconstitute the freeze-dried (lyophilized) medication
  • Reconstituting syringes
  • Injectable syringes
  • Sharps container for needle disposal
  • Alcohol prep wipes

Types of HGH Kits

The standard package mentioned above is everything that will be needed regarding a proper basic HGH injectable system. There are no other supplies to go searching for, unlike the shipments that will typically be coming from Mexico, China, or even Costa Rica.

There are other types of growth hormone kits that can be purchased for individuals that are looking for greater convenience. These are called injector pens, and come one of two different ways:

  1. All in one units where the cartridge containing the HGH medication is part of the actual pen. Once empty, the entire unit is discarded and a new one is opened.
  2. Replaceable cartridge pen systems that allow for a new cartridge to be inserted into the actual pen chamber when the previous one is empty.

How to Order HGH Kits Online

In order to proceed with the safe purchase of real HGH online, a person should first contact a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement. Buying HGH injections without a prescription is against the law, and subject to prosecution and confiscation of the medications during shipment.

Here is the best way to proceed:

  1. Contact National HRT® to arrange for a blood test. The consultation is free of charge.
  2. Get a physical exam and have the results sent to us.
  3. Complete our online health history form.

If the doctor diagnoses growth hormone deficiency, you will then be able to discuss the various types of complete program HGH kits that are available in the dosage that has been prescribed for you. All medications and supplies are shipped together from a licensed US pharmacy and are brand name HGH injectables that can be trusted for quality and safety.