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HGH For Sale: Buy injectable Human Growth Hormone Products

There are different human growth hormone (HGH) products for sale online that are used to treat growth hormone deficiencies. Some can be very effective and others can be rather useless. We will talk about what is the best HGH for sale and what types to avoid.

HGH for Sale

The best HGH for sale comes in the form of subcutaneous injections. They are taken right under the skin and are offered in the form of vials with syringes or pens. Lately, the delivery method of using pens are most popular. They are convenient, easy and quick.

The different brands of HGH that are most popular are:

  • Humatrope created by Eli Lilly
  • Norditropin manufactured by Novo Nordisk
  • Omnitrope made by Sandoz
  • Saizen manufactured by Merck Serono
  • Genotropin created by Pfizer

These different human hormone medications are all very popular brands of HGH for sale online. They are potent and 100 percent authentic. They should only be purchased with a very well known hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic.

How Much Does HGH Cost?

The cost of HGH injections will vary between approximately $600 a month to $1,000 a month or possibly more.

The price of HGH will depend upon several factors:

  • The brand of medication
  • The dosage of the medication
  • The frequency of use
  • The length of time used

The prices quoted are general and exact numbers can be shared when a patient knows exactly what they will need for successful human growth hormone treatment. After testing is completed and the doctor knows what prescription to write, clients will be able to get their exact cost for HGH medication and therapy.

Difference Between Cheap And Expensive HGH

The different between HGH for sale cheap and HGH that may be more expensive may have to do with the quality of the medication. People will usually turn to buying cheap medications if they cannot get a legal prescription for HGH from a licensed doctor. Occasionally, they want to save money on the medications or they are underage. Some people may want to use HGH for off label reasons and cannot get a prescription for that reason.

When the cost of HGH is greatly discounted there can be a few reasons why:

  1. The medications are made through a very cheap manufacturing process which can often leave bacterial residue in the solution and make it very unsafe.
  2. The medication is coming from another country and its contents are unknown.
  3. The medication being sold is not real HGH.

Human growth hormone medication should not be terribly expensive either. If it costs more than seems reasonable, question the HRT clinic. For most consumers of HGH, some financial planning might be necessary to afford the cost of a full hormone replacement therapy program. Most patients of HRT say that treatment is worth every penny spent on it. It is just important to work only with a clinic that is reputable in the field and is trustworthy and honest.

Types Of HGH Products You Can Buy

There are several types of HGH products that you can buy. Keep in mind that some are effective and others are not. Below is a list of HGH products on the market:

  1. Vials and syringes
  2. Pens
  3. Oral pills (supplements, releasers, enhancers and boosters)
  4. Oral sprays

The only form of HGH that will create true transformation is taking the medication through prescribed subcutaneous injections. This will be with one of the five brand name HGH medications Omnitrope, Saizen, Genotropin, Humatrope or Norditropin.

The medications from a reputable clinic will be real, authentic, 191 amino acid sequences that have been medically proven effective and safe. Medication taken this way can be through vials and syringes or pens.

Oral supplements, releasers, enhancers, boosters and/or sprays are all usually the same and can be bought cheaply without a prescription.

The problems with these products are that they:

  • Do not contain real HGH
  • Do not contain enough real HGH
  • Are taken orally and are metabolized as soon as they reach the stomach
  • Never get to the blood stream where they need to go to work

The only real way for change to occur is to take bio-identical HGH from a prescribed injection. This will necessitate testing, a diagnosis of a growth hormone deficiency and a prescription with medical supervision.

Black market of HGH: Be careful with a choice

There is a growing black market of pharmaceutical sales online, and this is why it is crucial to be careful with any choice that is made when searching to buy real HGH for sale online.

Unsuspecting buyers might find themselves in receipt of products that are unsafe to use for the following reasons:

  • Bacterial contamination
  • Toxic ingredients
  • Absence of real ingredients
  • Diluted medications
  • Expired drugs
  • Fraudulent companies
  • Unethical procedures

There are over 11,000 websites selling pharmaceutical products, and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has found that 96% of them are not in proper compliance with standardized guidelines, and these could be for any of the reasons above, or the fact that prescriptions are not required, among other issues.

In order to assure that only pure HGH for sale is purchased and received, always work with an experienced hormone replacement therapy specialist in the United States and that the prescription is being processed and filled at a licensed US pharmacy.

5 Steps To Buy Legal HGH Products

Below will list five steps that need to be taken for the legal purchase of human growth hormone for sale in the U.S.A. HGH is considered to be a controlled substance by the U.S. government and so these five steps are enforced for legal use of HGH:

Step 1: Call a reputable HRT clinic for a first free consultation with an expert clinical advisor

Step 2: Get blood testing completed, along with getting a medical exam and filling out a medical history form

Step 3: The licensed doctor will gather all medical information and analyze it

Step 4: If appropriate, a doctor will diagnose a growth hormone deficiency

Step 5: A prescription and treatment plan will be written to get HGH products

After these five steps are completed, you will be able to buy human growth hormone for sale legally. This is when you should be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in a long time. For those over 30 who are suffering with the symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency, HRT is the best option to relieve ailments and restore quality of life.

At National HRT®, we will conduct a complimentary consultation with each client before scheduling the blood test appointment. Once all results are received, and the doctor has reviewed the file and ascertained if treatment is required, a follow-up consultation will be arranged to discuss HGH brand and injectable style selection.

When that decision has been made, the prescription will be forwarded to the pharmacy and the medication will be shipped directly to the client. The ability to purchase HGH injections in this way saves valuable time and money as office visits to the clinic are not required.