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Benefits of HGH for Sexual Function

There is an interesting correlation between HGH and sex. Growth hormone release is, in part, stimulated by androgens (sex hormones). Both men and women who are deficient in GH speak of low libido, decreased performance, and reduced pleasure from intimacy.

Sexual function Does that mean that there will be benefits of HGH for sexual function?

The answer here is a resounding YES! Women and men who have witnessed a decline in their levels of sexual desire and performance will experience positive changes in libido and pleasure as a result of HGH therapy.

Women typically see a decline in libido at around the same time that hormone levels really start to show their decrease in production – menopause.

Here are the benefits of HGH for sexual function in women:

  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Heightened arousal
  • Stronger desire
  • Improved endurance
  • Multiple orgasms

Men also face a decline in libido during the middle-aged years, and this is often due to the effects of andropause. For many males over thirty, low levels of testosterone in the bloodstream are to blame, but for others, it is a lack of essential growth hormone.

When this occurs, the benefits of sex drive and HGH go hand in hand as follows:

  • Increased desire
  • Faster arousal times
  • Stronger erections
  • Longer lasting stamina
  • Increased pleasure

How Does HGH Help Enhance Sexual Performance?

An adult who is dealing with a decline in growth hormone will more than likely experience a drop in libido. We know that GH has an adverse impact on normal energy levels and endurance, and this can also translate to sexual performance. This deficiency also affects a person’s mood, outlook, and demeanor. Sleep is often elusive.

Now couple low energy, depression, lack of sleep, and a reduced level of desire and this becomes a sexual nightmare. The last thing that will be on anyone’s mind at this time is intimacy.

The good news here is that a restored HGH sex drive is extremely possible when treatment is provided for individuals who test positive for GH deficiency.

Physiological changes such as vaginal dryness and inability to achieve and sustain an erection will be reversed. Increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, and enhanced stamina will transfer over to the bedroom. Desire and arousal will become stronger, and, thanks to HGH injection therapy, sex will become enjoyable once again.

HGH Can Increase Sexual Abilities

There is no reason why anyone should not be able to enjoy a meaningful intimate relationship at any age. Sexual desire does not turn off because a person has reached forty, fifty, or sixty years of age. Men and women are enjoying sex well into their later years thanks to an improved HGH libido.

The body needs its hormones. The fact that many of them start to decrease in later years may seem frustrating, but it is not an insurmountable problem. As a whole, we are living longer – decades longer in fact than Americans did one hundred years ago. That means that sometimes we have to help the body last longer by replenishing depleting stores of vitamins and hormones.

HGH increases sexual desire and performance. It enhances pleasure and provides the body with much-needed endorphins.

In order to learn more about the benefits of HGH for sex drive, contact the medical hormone replacement therapy professionals at National HRT®. We are here to provide answers, blood testing, and all treatment options to adults throughout the US.