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How To Get Progesterone Therapy Prescription

Prescription for Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone therapy is like any other type of hormone replacement – a medical treatment that must be overseen by a qualified doctor to ensure safety and effectiveness. In many instances, the symptoms of hormonal deficiencies such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and growth hormone mimic one another. While each has its own unique set of marker signs, many of the symptoms do overlap one another. That makes it virtually impossible to ascertain what type of treatment is needed without first undergoing blood analysis.

Getting a progesterone therapy prescription from a hormone replacement clinic such as National HRT® is not difficult. Doctors and clinical advisors can order blood tests across the US at convenient local labs.

Although progesterone creams can be found over the counter in stores or online, it is best to stick to getting a progesterone prescription from a doctor to be certain that the product being used is what it says it is on the label. Many over the counter progesterone creams do not contain the percentage of progesterone that is listed on their labels, and this could prevent a person from getting the relief from symptoms that is desired.

Why Does Progesterone Require a Prescription?

The reason a progesterone prescription is required is for the protection of the individual receiving the treatment. Progesterone therapy is often used to prevent osteoporosis, shrink an oversized prostate gland, prevent or treat breast or prostate cancer, and many other serious medical conditions. If the right amount of progesterone is not used, these conditions will develop further rather than be treated. This can have dire consequences for the individual in question.

It is also essential that only a natural progesterone prescription be attained for these purposes and not the use of progestin, which is a synthetic version of this hormone and is not molecularly identical to natural progesterone. Progestin carries with it a number of serious side effects, and will not treat the issues that progesterone is being used for in adults.

A doctor will calculate the amount of progesterone that is needed for each individual, and this dosage is what will be prescribed. Using an approved progesterone cream that has proper manufacturing oversight to ensure that what is labeled is contained is the best way to raise progesterone levels safely in the body.

How To Find The Right Doctor Who Can Prescribe Progesterone?

The convenience afforded by the internet makes it easy for people to go “shopping” for pretty much anything they want to buy. Unfortunately, that also means medications can be found for sale online without a prescription. This can be extremely dangerous for many reasons, which is why it is recommended to find the right doctor who can provide a progesterone therapy prescription.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Look for a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. HRT is a field of medicine that focuses on maintaining crucial hormone levels in adults as they age. Since the body naturally faces a depletion of these chemical messengers, it is up to a doctor to determine what type of supplementation is required to instill a sense of homeostasis in the body.
  2. Make certain that the doctor will provide a bioidentical progesterone prescription and not some form of synthetic progestin that is used in birth control pills. Progestin carries with it many risk factors for older adults, especially those in or around the time of menopause or andropause. Natural bioidentical progesterone derived from soy or yams is what should be provided as part of a hormone replacement program to correct progesterone deficiency.
  3. Avoid all websites that offer hormone replacement treatments without a doctor’s prescription. There is no way of knowing what type of HRT is required without first checking one’s blood levels for various hormone deficiencies.

Get Prescription

One of the problems we find today is that many over the counter supplements do not contain what is on their labels. These products do not fall under federal review, and many unsuspecting people spend their money on items that will not work. Instead of seeking out the proper help from HRT doctors, they tend to give up and look for another answer. At National HRT, we work to educate adults as to the best way to improve their health through hormone replacement.

Getting a natural progesterone prescription is not as difficult as one may think. We can arrange for blood testing at convenient local labs throughout the US. Medical exams can be performed at the local level, as well. All necessary forms and health history questionnaires can be found right here on our website. By simplifying the process of being diagnosed with a hormone deficiency, and removing the stigma attached with going to a local doctor and hearing “you are getting older, just get used to it,” we are making it possible for men and women to lead lives filled with vitality and well-being.

Please contact National HRT’s hormone replacement clinic to speak with a medical advisor about your personal situation and the prospect of getting a bioidentical progesterone prescription. We are here to answer questions, provide support, and offer affordable treatment options via a free consultation.