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Importance of Testosterone for Men

Testosterone is often considered to be the most important of a class of hormones called androgens, due to its ability to regulate energy levels, libido, sexual performance, structural bone integrity, immune function, hair growth, and muscular development. It also plays a role in cognitive functions and mood enhancement.


It becomes easy to understand the many benefits of testosterone for men when taking into consideration these various functions. In other words, this powerful hormone affects a man from head to toe.

There are physiological dangers involved when testosterone levels are too low or too high, and that is where doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy can help. Blood analysis is used to measure both the free and total levels of testosterone in the body in order to determine if any type of treatment is required.

Benefits of Testosterone for Men

The importance of maintaining proper testosterone levels was emphasized in the previous section. It may, however, be helpful to have a detailed list of the myriad of benefits that are available when treatment with testosterone for men is prescribed to counteract the effects of Low T.

These benefits include:

  • Increased lean muscle development and strength (not superhuman strength)
  • Stronger bones thanks to increased bone density
  • Weight loss and improved metabolic function
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Thicker hair with possible regrowth in areas that have experienced a loss
  • Improved sexual function, desire, and performance
  • Sharper memory and cognitive skills
  • Better mood
  • Deeper sleep
  • Fewer colds
  • Lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Increased production of red blood cells

Can I Increase My Testosterone?

At any point after a man enters his thirties, his testosterone production can begin to decline. Although the majority of males will not even realize that this effect is taking place, there are those who will start to experience changes that call for an increase in the availability of this hormone in the bloodstream.

It is possible to increase testosterone by being cognizant of and correcting the following factors that can have an adverse impact on secretion:

  • Extreme dieting or continued low caloric or low fat intake
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Drug usage
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Overtraining
  • Chronic depression
  • Aging
  • Decreased sexual activity
  • Obesity
  • Sleep apnea and insomnia
  • Chronic illness

Although aging is not going to do anything to help increase the level of testosterone for older men, there are other ways of providing the body with more this crucial hormone, as will be shown in the next section.

10 Ways to Increase Testosterone in Men

There are many ways that a man can help increase the level of testosterone he has available in his body. We are going to list some of the most popular and successful things to do in this section.

If you want to know how to increase testosterone for men, follow these guidelines:

Physical Activity

  • Strength training – in order to boost testosterone production, increase your weights, lower the number of reps, and slow down the movements
  • High intensity – short 30 second bursts of high-intensity cardio exercise followed by 90 seconds of slower exertion repeated for a total of eight times has been shown to help increase the secretion of testosterone. Please remember to stretch and warm up before starting this or any exercise.

Food and Nutrition

  • Intermittent fasting – this has been shown to help boost testosterone. Do not go below 80% of the recommended caloric intake for your body’s daily needs.
  • Healthy fats – a proper diet should include 50 percent healthy fats, including lean meats, avocados, nuts, coconut and olive oil, and dairy.
  • Eliminate sugar – excess sugar decreases testosterone levels.
  • Whey protein – this contains BCAA’s – branch chain amino acids which have been shown to help increase testosterone levels when used with resistance training.
  • Zinc – consume food sources that are high in zinc, such as beans, raw cheese and yogurt, and fish. Supplemental zinc should not exceed 40 mg a day.
  • Vitamin D – although sun exposure for 15 to 20 minutes a day is ideal, supplementation is also beneficial when this cannot be accomplished. It is best to have blood levels of vitamin D checked before proceeding with a supplement.
  • Lose weight – being overweight lowers testosterone production.

Testosterone Therapy

  • Bioidentical testosterone therapy – when all else fails, or when the level of testosterone is too low for these changes to make a difference, engaging in a program of testosterone therapy is the best option.

The doctors and medical staff at National HRT offer the best testosterone for men at our national hormone replacement therapy clinics. We custom tailor this treatment to the needs of each man who contacts us for a complimentary consultation over the phone.

If you believe that Low T is getting in the way of enjoying your life to the fullest, give us a call.

By the way, here is a bonus – two last ways to increase testosterone naturally are: reduce stress and have sex!