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Testosterone Injections Usage Guide

This user guide will provide easy to follow instructions regarding how to proceed with self-administration of testosterone injections at home. This is intended to simplify the use, minimizing trips to a doctor’s office or clinic, and cutting down on the overall cost of treatment.

How to Use Testosterone Injections

The frequency of treatment will be determined by the doctor during the diagnosis phase of checking for Low T. Blood testing will be used to measure free and total levels of testosterone in the blood before this medication is authorized for use.

How is a Testosterone Injection Given?

Intramuscular injection is the most recommended form of administering testosterone into the body. In this manner, the actual medication is delivered deep into the muscle tissue where it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. The needle should always be inserted into the skin at an angle of 90-degrees.

Complete testosterone injection instructions will be provided below to aid in the self-administration of this treatment. Two needles will be required for each injection – one to withdraw the actual medication from the vial, and then a smaller needle to inject it into the body. The larger needle is required due to the thickness of the testosterone medication.

The proper injection site is chosen by dividing the thigh horizontally into 3 parts. The injectable testosterone dosage will then be administered into the outer, middle third area of the upper thigh.

Testosterone Injection Dosage

The correct low testosterone injections dosage will be determined by the doctor – a hormone replacement therapy specialist who has advanced training in this medical field. The frequency of treatment will also be included in the prescription.

  • What happens if I miss a dose?

The frequency of treatment will be included in the dosage prescription. If an injection is missed, go ahead and complete it the next day. If more than 24 hours have elapsed since the dosage was scheduled for administration, please call National HRT® to speak with a medical advisor about how to proceed.

  • What happens if I overdose?

The administration of too much testosterone is not considered to be life-threatening. Be watchful of any adverse side effects that might occur. Contact an advisor at National HRT® to discuss the situation, and to find out if any action is required.

Testosterone Injection Instruction: Steps

The steps below will outline, in detail, how to inject testosterone into the body.

  • Step 1
Testosterone Injection

Remove the testosterone medication from the refrigerator, place on the counter or a table, and allow it to reach room temperature before using. Check the vial to be certain that it is the exact medication that was prescribed, that the expiration date has not been reached, and examine it for any particles or discoloration. Do not use the medication in this vial if any of these issues are present.

  • Step 2

Gather all needed supplies: 2 different types of needles, syringe, 2 alcohol prep wipes, and Sharps container. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before proceeding.

  • Step 3

Lift the cap off the top of the vial and clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol prep wipe. Let dry.

  • Step 4

Open a new sealed syringe package, remove the entire syringe unit, and pull off the 18 G needle cover. Set aside but do not discard the cover. Pull back on the plunger in order to draw air into the empty syringe. The amount of air should be equal to the testosterone injections dosage. Ensure that the needle does not touch any surfaces during this procedure.

  • Step 5

With the vial on a table or counter, insert the 18 G needle straight down into the center of the rubber stopper. Push down the syringe plunger slowly, and push all of the air through into the vial.

  • Step 6

With the 18 G needle still inside the vial, gently turn the vial upside down and make sure that the liquid is completely covering the tip of the needle. Slowly pull the plunger back until the proper dosage of testosterone is in the syringe. Make certain to check for air bubbles at this time. If any are present in the syringe, tap it lightly with your fingers until the bubbles rise to the top of the syringe. Slowly push the plunger up to gently force any bubbles out of the syringe before removing the needle from the vial. If necessary, pull the plunger slowly back to complete filling the proper dosage of medication.

  • Step 7

Remove the needle from the vial, gently place the testosterone vial back on the counter, and place the cover back on the needle. It is now time to remove the 18 G needle and insert it into the Sharps container. Place the correct intramuscular (IM) needle onto the syringe before administering the testosterone injections dose, leaving the cap in place.

  • Step 8

Clean the injection site thoroughly with an alcohol prep wipe and let the skin air dry.

  • Step 9

Insert the IM needle into the muscle at a 90-degree angle. Gently pull back on the plunger to ensure that no blood enters the syringe. If there is no blood, slowly push down on the plunger until all medication enters the body. If any blood is present in the syringe, remove the needle and discard. Start the entire process again.

  • Step 10

Remove the needle from the injection site, place the cover back on, and discard in the Sharps container. Hold an alcohol prep swab on the injections site until any bleeding stops. If necessary, a bandage can be used. Place the testosterone medication back into the refrigerator.

Testosterone Injection Cycle Results

There are many positive testosterone injection results that will be noticeable within a short amount of time. Increased energy is usually noticeable within a week of beginning this therapy. Over the next few months, increased lean muscle mass, stronger bones, sharper memory, improved drive, better sleep, and, of course, enhanced sexual performance and pleasure will all be experienced.

The actual process of injecting testosterone is easy to accomplish, and the professional staff at National HRT® is here to help in any way. Please contact us with any questions.