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HGH For Women: Why This Hormone Is Crucial For Women?

Written by Author - AuthorsDoctors/Authors - October 15, 2015

Human growth hormone HGH for women over 40 is crucial in balanced amounts. Experts even say that needing HGH to help a depletion can start after 30. The hormone is responsible for help with growth of all cells and tissues in the body, bone mineral density, energy and stamina, strong emotional stability and mental capacity, a youthful looking appearance and a better sexual life to name a few of its benefits.

HGH Treatment for Women

In most people, the body produces growth hormone (GH) in abundance until the woman turns around the age of 30. Sometime after that age, the pituitary gland, which is responsible for creating the hormone, slows down and does not make as much GH. This is when a woman may start to feel many of the common symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency (if the hormone gets too low in the body).

The physical, mental, emotional and sexual changes in the female body caused by a growth hormone deficiency can sometimes get so bad that the woman loses all quality to her life. Her relationships suffer, her self esteem dips, her job performance becomes compromised and her overall health and happiness plummet. This is when hormone replacement therapy can help.

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) shared research that over 1 million women suffer in silence with symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency. The institute stated that there is no reason to fear HRT and that more females should get help with replacing this vital hormone to avoid, stop or decrease symptoms associated with its loss.

Research also states that the positive benefits of taking HGH hormone for women way outweigh any cons. NICE has been sharing that far too many women are suffering in silence without getting the proper and available treatment for a GH deficiency. HRT can help so many who suffer with night sweats and hot flashes, not to mention many other symptoms of aging, say the experts.

Where Is HGH Produced?

HGH is produced in the small gland called the pituitary gland that is located at the base of the brain. When a girl is young, the hormone is produced in abundance. After about the age of 3o, levels of GH decline as the body slows down. When the body slows, so does all parts of it, including the pituitary gland.

There is nothing that a person can do to improve the performance of the pituitary gland, but hormone replacement therapy can put back bio-identical growth hormone called HGH back into the body. This medication is an exact replica of what the pituitary already produces and hence, why it is accepted so well into the system.

Why Does HGH Hormone Decline With Age?

It is an inevitability that growth hormone will decline with age because the pituitary gland that is responsible for making it slows down with age – just as every part of the body does as well. As people age, all organs, tissues and glands slow down. Mental capacity slows down. Sexual feelings and a body’s ability to function in a sexual way slows down.

Aging after approximately 30 brings on a decline in growth hormone and there is nothing that can be done to stop that from occurring. This is why HRT is so popular. Therapy to put back missing hormone with a bio-identical replica of what is missing is how symptoms from the lack of growth hormone are slowed down or ceased altogether. So many people benefit from HRT and this is why it is so popular across the country.

HGH Therapy For Women: Gain Hormonal Balance Safely

In order for women to gain hormone balance safely, they must go about hormone replacement therapy in a safe way. This means only working with a reputable and well known HRT clinic. This clinic must have:

  • Licensed doctors
  • Trained and expert clinical advisors
  • A first phone consultation free of charge
  • The requirement for prospective patients to get the proper testing and medical examination
  • The requirement for prospective patients to share their medical history
  • Doctors who properly diagnose growth hormone deficiencies
  • Doctors who accurately write prescriptions for the right HGH medication and dosages
  • Doctors who provide medical supervision
  • 100 percent pure and authentic brand name HGH injections for sale

Everything listed above must be offered or required by an HGH clinic in order for a person gain hormonal balance with HGH safely. Everything listed above is necessary for legal HGH therapy as well.

What You Will Get After HGH Therapy

What you will get after HGH therapy will be priceless, for you cannot put a price on good quality of life. What is HGH prescribed for in women? When a growth hormone deficiency is corrected and a body is back in the correct hormonal balance with the correctly prescribed HGH dosage, a person can look and feel better than ever. The list below are the anti-aging advantages of HRT.

When we say anti-aging, we are not referring to stopping the aging process or turning back the hands on the clock; as this is impossible. All people will grow older, lose their growth hormones and experience the symptoms associated with that inevitable process. However, HRT can stop the symptoms because it involves adding an exact replica of what the body naturally made before the pituitary gland slowed down.

It is important to remember that HRT is not stopping aging. HRT is helping the aging process to be exciting, joyful, a new chapter in life – and all with good health and happiness. What does HGH do for women? What will you get after HGH therapy?

  • Better sexual satisfaction
  • A higher sexual libido
  • More sexual desire
  • Less night sweats
  • Less hot flashes
  • More sexual fantasies
  • Less vaginal dryness
  • More enjoyable sexual intercourse
  • Weight loss
  • More lean muscle gain
  • Tighter skin elasticity
  • Less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles
  • Less noticeable crow’s feet
  • Less saggy skin
  • Thicker growing hair
  • Faster growing nails
  • Healthier and less haggard looking skin
  • Less depression
  • Less anxiety and/or irritability
  • Less agitation and/or anger
  • Better ability to concentrate
  • Better ability to focus
  • Better memory (short and long term)
  • Stronger bone mineral density
  • Less risk for bone breakage or osteoporosis
  • Better heart health
  • Less risk for atherosclerosis, heart attacks or strokes
  • A healthier LDL cholesterol level
  • A stronger immune system
  • Faster healing
  • Better sleep with less sleep disturbances
  • Better organ growth
  • Less body, joint and/or muscle pain
  • More stamina and endurance
  • Less lethargy and apathy
  • More energy and exercise capacity
  • An easier time recovering from physical activity
  • A better outlook on life and the future

What you will notice with HGH for women before and after will make you thrilled that you were able to partake in hormone replacement therapy. The research proves that this kind of treatment can be highly successful and the patients who have experienced it first hand confirm that fact over and over again.

The Best HGH Supplements For Women

The truth about HGH supplements for women (or for men for that matter) is that they do not work. The only reliable method for adding and balancing human growth hormone in the body is through subcutaneous injections. The following are all HGH supplements that are sold over the counter and they do not work:

  1. Pills
  2. Patches
  3. Sprays
  4. Drops

These are the two main reasons these methods of delivery for HGH do not work:

  • They do not contain enough of the hormone medication to work
  • They are taken orally (except for patches) and when they are ingested, they go straight to the stomach. There, they are metabolized by strong stomach acids and are gone from the body. They never have a chance to work.

The only true way to get HGH into the body and the best HGH for women to cause positive change is through subcutaneous injection. This means that a small and thin needle is put just under the skin and the medication is released into the body. The HGH quickly makes its way to the blood stream where it can start to make remarkable change to the female body in physical, emotional, mental and sexual ways.

For more information about HGH therapy for women, please reach out to us. Our online contact form is right on this page. An expert clinical advisor will get in touch with you at your convenience to answer all of your questions related to HGH and the female body. This is how you can determine whether HRT with human growth hormone injections is right for you.

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