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Sermorelin Therapy: Benefits for Growth Hormone Deficiency

Sermorelin therapy

Doctor-prescribed sermorelin therapy is often called a better approach to the treatment of growth hormone deficiency in adults. GHD in and of itself is not a life-threatening medical condition. However, untreated growth hormone decline can lead to other, more serious health concerns. That is why finding the safest, most effective, and affordable method of treatment is beneficial.

That is where sermorelin acetate comes in to play. The risk of developing sermorelin therapy side effects is much lower than with recombinant HGH injections. When you administer human growth hormone treatment, there is a slight possibility of adverse reactions. The risk is small and is often due to an excess of HGH in the bloodstream. The likelihood of that occurring increases for people who abuse HGH therapy illegally. When prescribed by a doctor, both HGH and sermorelin treatments are considered safe to use.

There is no real risk of increasing HGH levels too high with sermorelin as its role is to stimulate growth hormone secretion, not directly raise it. The hypothalamus will detect if there is enough HGH in the bloodstream, and if so, it will secrete somatostatin to inhibit HGH production.

Sermorelin therapy benefits are the same as those of human growth hormone. The primary difference between the two treatments for adults with GHD is how fast they will bring about change. Since HGH immediately provides an increase in growth hormone levels, the results happen much faster than with sermorelin. Treatment with sermorelin is best for people who are not yet experiencing a variety of unpleasant symptoms of GHD. It may take two to three months before any benefits are noticeable.

Why Should Women Consider Sermorelin Therapy?

Although the benefits of sermorelin therapy for women are essentially the same as with men, the reasons for seeking treatment may be different.

Why should a woman consider getting sermorelin therapy?

As we age, the body decreases the production of some of a woman’s most essential hormones. Human growth hormone often tops the list of hormone levels vital to protect. HGH helps to regulate your metabolism, immune system, brain functions, and cell regeneration. Without enough HGH, you will likely gain weight, succumb to illness with increased frequency, and stay sick longer. Sleep may seem elusive as the incidence of insomnia increases. Mental fog, impaired focus, and memory loss often interfere with productivity. Lack of energy means you are too tired to complete every task waiting for you each day. Even worse, you may notice the signs of premature aging such as wrinkles, thinning or graying of hair, and sagging skin.

Women frequently report sermorelin therapy results that include the following positive attributes:

  • Improved physical appearance of skin, hair, nails, and weight
  • Better muscle tone
  • Reduced joint pains and stiffness – sermorelin helps strengthen bones
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Better immune health and faster healing times
  • Happier mood and a more positive outlook for the future

Better sex drive and pleasure are additional benefits of sermorelin therapy. Increased HGH secretion helps to improve vaginal lubrication and feelings of arousal, making intercourse pleasurable again.

In other words, sermorelin therapy can significantly improve your quality of life in all areas.

What Can Sermorelin Therapy Do for Men?

Men are not different from women. You want to maintain a fit and toned physique, plenty of energy, a strong sex drive, and good health. Each of these areas of your life can benefit from sermorelin therapy for men.

The older you get, the lower your human growth hormone levels become. If you do not take steps early in adulthood to protect your HGH levels, you will likely succumb to the signs of GHD. These changes can influence how well you perform at your job, how much energy you have left at the end of the day for your family, and your body composition.

Poor sleep and lack of exercise can further decrease your HGH levels. Unlike treatment with injections of HGH, sermorelin therapy gradually improves your body’s natural growth hormone production. As it accomplishes this task, it helps restore proper growth hormone functions.

Men typically report the following as being high on their list of positive benefits of sermorelin therapy:

  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Improved work performance and productivity
  • Enhanced sex drive and erectile functions
  • Loss of abdominal fat and better muscle tone
  • Feeling stronger and healthier
  • Sharper focus and brain functions
  • Improved attitude and mood

These changes can make quite an impact on your quality of life and happiness level.

How Do You Begin Sermorelin Therapy?

If you are ready to learn how to start sermorelin therapy, you have come to the right place. National HRT is a hormone clinic that caters to the needs of men and women over thirty. It does not matter where in the US you reside. Our convenient telephone consultation program puts you in direct contact with experienced medical advisors at our clinic. They will guide and support you every step of the way through the diagnostic and treatment process.

Following your initial free consultation, you will complete the following steps:

  • Visiting a nearby lab for a blood specimen collection
  • A physical examination with a local doctor
  • Filling out our medical assessment questionnaire

If our hormone doctor determines that you q1ualify for sermorelin therapy after reviewing the above results, you will receive a prescription to begin treatment. Your consultations and information are strictly confidential. We offer affordable treatment options so contact National HRT today for your complimentary consultation.