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HGH Injections For Sale: How To Buy HGH Injections Safely And Legally

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - October 15, 2015

Human growth hormone injections for sale are available to counteract undesirable changes affecting the health and physical integrity of the body in adults. There are legitimate medical clinics that provide HGH injections for sale throughout the US, including right here at National HRT®.

HGH Injections for sale

HGH therapy is not something to be entered into on a whim, nor should a purchase be made without a doctor’s supervision. This is a medical protocol with only one purpose – correcting growth hormone (somatotropin, GH) deficiency.

Children needing this treatment will go to a pediatric endocrinologist and adults will be best served by doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The doctors here at National HRT® are adult HRT specialists and provide this valuable information about the best ways to buy HGH injections safely and legally.

Essential facts about injectable human growth hormone for sale:

  • A medical HRT specialist is the best person to diagnose GH deficiency in adults
  • HGH therapy is safe to administer when its use is authorized by a doctor following blood testing that shows that the individual is deficient in the production of somatotropin in the body
  • Only medications that come directly from a licensed US pharmacy can be considered safe
  • No one should purchase HGH injections from online companies that do not require prescriptions

HRT centers are located in many cities across the country, as well as national clinics such as this one. Doctors trained in this area of medicine focus their efforts on helping adults maintain a high level of physical, mental, and physiological functionality as they age.

How to Buy HGH Injections Online

There are some important facts to understand before a person attempts to buy HGH injections online. This information is crucial to know, as it possibly can save one’s life.

Please be aware of the following about online sales of medications. A recent survey conducted by the NABP – the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy – found over 10,500 companies engaged in the sale of medications online.

Approximately 97% of these websites were:

  • Not in compliance with proper prescription guidelines
  • Offering unapproved or illegal pharmaceutical products for sale
  • Fraudulent operations
  • Medication sold illegally may contain hazardous chemicals, substances such as tar and cleaning agents, bacterial residue, or unknown ingredients.
  • Only an experienced doctor can determine the accurate dosage of this bioidentical medication that a person requires.

Although it is not advisable to make an outright purchase of injectable HGH for sale online, finding the right clinic and handling some of the steps associated with getting this treatment can be accomplished via the computer.

Legal clinics, such as National HRT®, typically provide the required medical forms and health questionnaires on their websites for secure online completion. Easy access to professional clinical advisors is also available through email and telephone calls.

Instructional videos and informative articles, such as this one, simplify the process of getting growth hormone injections for sale, understanding what symptoms a person may have with GH deficiency, and what can be expected as a result of treatment.

Black Market HGH Injections

HGH Injections

We have already discussed the importance of avoiding the purchase of HGH injections illegally. This is known as the black market when looking for shortcuts that circumvent contacting a legitimate and licensed doctor for help.

Some people attempt to make this purchase because they are doing so for illegal purposes, such as the use of steroids for bodybuilding or athletic enhancement.


This is a dangerous practice and often results in undesirable side effects. HGH is not a steroid. Others look to the internet in order to get cheap HGH injections because they think it will cost less than contacting a doctor for help. That is not the case and often ends up with the receipt of dangerous or expired medications.

As we have shown, getting real HGH injections for sale is not difficult, especially when working with a national clinic that can simplify the diagnostic process by conducting telephone consultations.

Can I Buy HGH Injections Without A Prescription?

While it is certainly possible to find black market websites operating out of foreign countries in order to buy human growth hormone injections without a valid prescription, it is inadvisable to do so for all of the reasons already covered in this article.

We cannot stress enough the importance of acting in a safe manner when looking to purchase HGH injections. No amount of money or time savings is ever worth risking one’s health or well-being.

Even if a safe purchase was made, there is no way a person can know the dosage of HGH to administer without a doctor’s determination. Too much medication can result in unwanted side effects, and not enough might bring little to no benefits at all.

If you are serious about wanting to know where to buy real HGH injections to bring positive improvements to your health, vitality, libido, and so much more, contact a legitimate HRT clinic such as National HRT for assistance, testing, and treatment.

How to buy legal HGH injections

As previously discussed, the ability to buy real HGH injections without having to resort to illegal measures is not difficult.

Here is what to remember:

  1. The first step is finding a specialist in the medical field of hormone replacement.
  2. A blood test must be done in order to determine if GH deficiency is an issue.
  3. Every individual considering HGH therapy should have a physical exam to rule out any other medical concerns before beginning treatment.

By understanding how and where to get HGH injections legally, astounding benefits can be achieved in a short amount of time.

Types of HGH Injections you can buy

The last thing you want to do when looking to buy growth hormone is to order something called a “blue cap” or any other color. That does not instill any confidence in the product. In the list below, we discuss the best quality brands of HGH, as well as the option of buying sermorelin, a growth hormone stimulator (beneficial for individuals whose GH levels are not yet that low).

Each of the brands below provides options that you will discuss with a hormone specialist before making the choice that is best for your needs.


Genotropin Pens in both 5 and 12 mg sizes require continual refrigeration.

The Genotropin Mixer is a reusable device that mixes the HGH before use with standard syringes. It also requires refrigeration.

For those who look for the utmost convenience and a product that can stay at room temperature for up to three months, the Genotropin Miniquick is a premeasured, prefilled, single-dose disposable syringe.


The HumatroPen comes in 6, 12, and 24 mg sizes and even includes an optional needle cover to keep the needle hidden out of sight during the injection.

Humatrope also comes in standard 5 mg vials, and all Humatrope medications require refrigeration.


FlexPro Pens in 5 and 10 mg sizes require refrigeration before using, but after the first use can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 weeks or in the refrigerator for 4 weeks.

The FlexPro 15 mg and NordiFlex 30 mg Pens require continual refrigeration.


Omnitrope Pens come in 5 and 10 mg sizes with premixed, prefilled cartridges that require refrigeration.

The Omnitrope 5.8 mg vial uses standard syringes and requires refrigeration.


Saizen cool.click 2 with 5 or 8.8 mg vials is a needle-free system.

The Saizen easypod with 8.8 mg click.easy cartridges, like all Saizen HGH, requires refrigeration.

Saizen 5 and 8.8 mg vials use standard insulin syringes.


The Tev-Tropin Tjet is a needle-free device.

Tev-Tropin 5 and 10 mg vials also use standard syringes. Tev-Tropin use is more for children than adults, but there are some cases where it is beneficial.

Sermorelin GHRP-6

Sermorelin is available by itself, in combination with GHRP-6, GHRP-2, or with both together.

Below is a table that shares the different types of HGH injections and some important information about each one:

Types of HGH Manufacturer Purity level Doses
Genotropin Pfizer High purity Varies depending on device
Humatrope Eli Lilly High purity 6mg, 12mg, 24mg
Norditropin Novo Nordisk High purity 5mg, 10mg, 15mg
Omnitrope Sandoz High purity 5mg and 10mg
Saizen Merck Serono High purity 8mg or 20mg
Sermorelin GHRP-6 Can vary High purity 0.5 mg to 5 mg
Tev-Tropin Bio-technology General (Israel) Ltd. High purity 5 mg

When it comes to price, HGH injection styles, brands, and dosages will be the determining factors. Your hormone specialist will explain the options to you.

The professional staff at National HRT is here to provide free consultations, diagnostic testing, all medications, and exceptional support and guidance throughout this process.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on March 20, 2023

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.