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The Importance Of Human Growth Hormone In Men

Human growth hormone HGH for men is vital for the restoration of cells and tissues, muscle strength, energy, sexual desire, emotional and mental stability, heart health and a youthful looking appearance. Growth hormone serves even more purposes as well; however. It also helps with keeping bones strong and assists with avoiding diseases. This hormone offers countless benefits and when it depletes, a man will most likely feel the changes in his body.

Growth Hormone for Men

Some men may notice slight changes in their mind and body when GH gets too low, but not enough to change their lifestyle. However, other men may have severe problems when a growth hormone deficiency begins. At times, symptoms from the deficiency is just too much to bear and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is necessary. This is when HGH for men over 40, or in some cases over 30 can be very helpful.

Does HGH work for men? Most of the patients who have participated in HGH therapy would say yes. Studies on HGH therapy have been producing evidence for years on the effectiveness of treatment for GH deficiencies with doctor prescribed HGH injections. These studies can be found in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world.

Can men increase HGH naturally? HGH treatment with bio-identical injections is considered to be natural therapy for GH deficiencies. Since prescribed HGH medication is an exact replica of what the body already produces, it is as close to the real thing as possible and is considered to be “natural” by many experts.

Where Is HGH Produced In Men

Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in men. This gland is located at the base of the brain and the hormone comes from its anterior lobe. GH is produced in abundance in one’s youth; however, once the man turns 30, it begins to decline.

Just like all other organs, glands, tissue and cells slow down in their production as the body ages, so does the gland that produces growth hormone. As the pituitary gland ages, it cannot keep up with the body’s demand for enough growth hormone to function optimally. One cannot change the way the pituitary gland slows down, but the missing hormone can be replaced with doctor prescribed HGH injections.

When administered subcutaneously according to a doctor’s prescription, the medication goes straight to the blood stream where it needs to go to work. The it will raise GH levels and balance them out with the hormone that is already being produced by the pituitary gland. HGH therapy for men has been clinically proven to be extremely effective when the pituitary becomes sluggish.

Why Does Growth Hormone Decline With Age

As a man grows older, all parts of his body start to slow down. This includes the pituitary gland that produces GH. The decline in growth hormone is inevitable and cannot be stopped. The GH that declines can; however, be replenished with testosteroneHGH injections. HGH declines with age due to the natural and normal aging process that all humans go through.

Below is a chart that helps one to see what average ranges for HGH are in men by age. This chart is only to be used as a reference, but gives a good idea of what levels of HGH for men over 30, HGH for men over 40, HGH for men over 50 and HGH for men over 60 should look like.

HGH Levels In Men: A Chart

AgeHigh Levels of HGHNormal Levels of HGHLow Levels of HGH
Men over 30> 1,009 ng/dL219 – 1009 ng/dL< 219 ng/dL
Men over 40> 993 ng/dL201 – 993 ng/dL< 201 ng/dL
Men over 50> 918 ng/dL170 – 918 ng/dL< 170 <ng/dL
Men over 60> 700 ng/dL156 – 700 ng/dL< 156 ng/dL

Levels of HGH for elderly men are usually extremely low; however, this does not mean that they cannot benefit as well from human growth hormone therapy. Men at any age can raise GH levels with bio-identical HGH.

The chart above is a record of high, normal and low levels of HGH for men by age. Different clinics may have different ranges depending upon the kinds of clients they see. These numbers are not concrete, but can vary by clinics and experts. The chart is to be used as a reference only.

How Can Men Deal With A HGH Deficiency

The best and most rewarding way a man can deal with a growth hormone deficiency is to take doctor prescribed HGH injections along with living a healthy lifestyle. Therapy for low GH levels does not just consist of taking medication. A person must change the way in which they live their lives too.

Eating healthy, exercising, sleep enough hours per evening, keeping stress levels low, not consuming large amounts of alcohol and staying away from the toxins in cigarette smoke are amongst the most important lifestyle habits that need to be consistent. A man must commit himself 100 percent to following his doctor’s treatment plan and prescription for HGH injections and to living healthy. This is the best way he will be able to deal with an HGH deficiency and to reverse it.

List Of Benefits That Men Can Get From HGH Therapy

There are many benefits that come with therapy using injectable HGH for adult men. Not everyone undergoing therapy will get all of the benefits, but the below list is comprised of the most popular ones that men experience:

  • Bursting amounts of energy
  • An increase in stamina, endurance, vigor and vitality
  • A surge in sexual desire
  • Help with erectile dysfunction
  • Longer and stronger erections
  • Longer and stronger orgasms
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Less irritability and/or agitation and anger outbursts
  • A decrease in mood swings
  • Better memory
  • An increased ability to concentrate and focus
  • Less chance of developing Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Less of that foggy mental feeling
  • Decreased feelings of disorientation
  • Stronger skin elasticity
  • Decreased noticeable facial fine lines and wrinkles
  • Less noticeable crow’s feet
  • Balding can stop and hair grows in thicker
  • Nails grow faster
  • Organs grow better
  • A stronger immune system
  • Faster time with healing
  • Less ease of bruising
  • Less body, muscle and/or joint aches and pains
  • Lower LDL cholesterol levels
  • Less risk for heart related problems
  • Stronger bone mineral density
  • Less risk for bone breakage
  • Less danger for developing osteoporosis
  • Better sleep at night
  • Less sleep disturbances

The above list is of benefits of HGH for men’s health physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. Some men will feel more than others and at different times depending upon their symptoms and their body chemistry.

There has been great debate about if human growth hormone for male fertility is positive or negative. Some experts say that HGH does not affect fertility, but more research needs to be done to prove the hormone’s effect on fertility either way.

Can Men Increase HGH Naturally

Yes, men can increase their growth hormone naturally. What do we mean? By concentrating on changing bad habits into good ones and living a healthy lifestyle, both the mind and body will benefit greatly. The following lifestyle habits can affect how well men can raise their growth hormone levels in their bodies naturally:

  • The foods we eat
  • The amount of sleep we get
  • The exercise we do
  • The levels of stress we put on ourselves
  • How much alcohol we consume
  • Whether we smoke or not

We should be eating well balanced and nutritional meals and snacks daily. Staying away from processed foods and refined sugars can do wonders for keeping the body healthy. Sleep is imperative. The time that our bodies are in deep slumber are when our cells and tissues repair and rejuvenate. Healing takes place when we are asleep as well and growth hormone is produced.

We must exercise to keep the body active. Exercise releases hormones and keeps weight off the body, improves metabolism and is a great way to increase growth hormone naturally. Stress is one of the most harmful things for our minds and for our bodies, according to the experts. Keeping stress levels low can help improve the natural production of growth hormone. Alcohol must be consumed (if at all) at a moderate level and one should never smoke.

To learn more about HGH benefits for men, please reach out to our professionals. We offer an easy to fill out online contact form that asks very general questions. This gets send to us confidentially online so that one of our expert clinical advisors can call you at your most convenient time. We are here to help you in a very stress-free way to get healthier mind and body with human growth hormone for men.