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Human growth hormone HGH for men is vital for optimal health physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. In fact, both sexes, men and women need balanced levels of growth hormone in order look and feel their best.

Growth Hormone for Men

As aging takes its course, many men may start to notice the very apparent signs and symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency that is caused by growing older. When they start to lose their growth hormone, they may be able to see first-hand that HGH for male bodies is just as important as other hormones such as testosterone.

HGH for men’s health is something that needs more attention from professionals in the medical field. Growth hormone (GH) plays an important role in keeping a man looking and feeling youthful as the years pass. Properly balanced levels of GH in a man’s system, along with living a healthy lifestyle can keep him optimally healthy throughout his life.

Where Is HGH Produced In Men

The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of growth hormone in men. This gland is located at the base of the brain. Like all other organs, it slows down as it ages. When the pituitary slows down, so does its production of GH and this is when signs and symptoms of a deficiency may begin.

The proper amount of growth hormone production from the pituitary gland is vital for good health. This is why growth hormone for men in the form of bio-identical injections is so important and popular. Properly prescribe HGH injections can accurately increase the amount of human growth hormone within the body so that a man can feel great, healthy and strong.

Fat loss (especially around the abdomen) Muscle gain
Increased energy More body strength
Increased stamina, endurance, vigor and vitality Less lethargy, tiredness and/or fatigue
A more powerful sexual libido Stronger sexual drive
Help with erectile dysfunction Stronger and longer erections
Stronger and longer orgasms Better memory
Better focus and concentration Less of a mental foggy feeling
Decreased times of feeling disoriented Less body bruising
Less depression Less anxiety and/or tension
The ability to deal better with stress Less irritability
Less agitation Less anger outbursts
A better outlook on the present and the future Increased patience
Healthier looking skin Less wrinkles and/or crow’s feet
Less saggy skin Less balding or thinning hair
Thicker growing hair Less overall body, joint and muscle pain
Better sleep at night Stronger bone mineral density
Less bone breaks or fractures Help with avoiding osteoporosis
Lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels Less risk for heart attacks and/or strokes
Better organ growth Faster restoration of body cells and tissues on a daily basis

Studies have shared information that keeping growth hormone levels at a healthy level can slow down the disease of Alzheimer’s. This can dramatically extend quality of life.

Lastly, in regards to what HGH can do for men, it is important to remember that not all men will experience the same benefits from HGH injections. All people will have different symptoms, body chemistry and body composition that will determine what HGH will do for them.

On the other hand, many benefits such as increased energy and less apathy with a better outlook on life can occur for most people. HGH injections must be properly prescribed by a licensed doctor and taken with medical supervision.

Human Growth Hormone Levels In Men

Experts have agreed upon different GH levels to be “normal,” “low,” and “high” in men. Different sources will show varying levels of growth hormone to be too low, too high or normal. In this case, a man should not be overly concerned if he falls slightly out of “normal” range for his GH levels according to one chart vs. another.

On the other hand, if GH levels do fall greatly below “normal” range, the man may benefit greatly from HGH for men for sale. Human growth hormone injections must be prescribed and taken only with medical supervision for them to be legal and safe at the same time.

HGH Levels In Men: A Chart

Age High Levels of HGH Normal Levels of HGH Low Levels of HGH
Men over 30 > 1,009 ng/dL 219 – 1009 ng/dL < 219 ng/dL
Men over 40 > 993 ng/dL 201 – 993 ng/dL < 201 ng/dL
Men over 50 > 918 ng/dL 170 – 918 ng/dL < 170 <ng/dL
Men over 60 > 700 ng/dL 156 – 700 ng/dL < 156 ng/dL

Again, remember that if your levels fall out of the range considered “normal” as referenced above, do not panic. Talking to your doctor about how your growth hormone levels may be affecting you is your first line of defense against poor health. The easiest way to help men with GH deficiencies is by getting the proper prescription for 100 natural and authentic HGH by a licensed doctor.

When blood testing reveals that a man has a GH deficiency, help is here. Human growth hormone levels in men can be raised very safely. When prescribed and taken correctly, the right HGH medication can produce remarkable benefits that can give a man back the good health and happiness they had before Mother Nature took over and aged his body.

Why Does Growth Hormone Decline With Age

Growth hormone declines with age because as all organ and glands in the body slow down, so does the main gland that produces GH; the pituitary gland. The explanation as to why men lose their growth hormone as the years pass by is … simple aging.

Usually at around the age of 30 (some men can be older), the body starts to feel the signs and symptoms of aging. Even if a person cannot actually see or feel their bodies transforming, their internal organs, cells, tissues and glands are indeed changing.

As all body parts get older comes the slowing down of their functioning. Since the pituitary gland is mainly responsible for producing hormone (growth hormone being one), GH and other hormones will slowly deplete as the man grows older and older.

HGH Therapy For Men

HGH for men over 30, HGH for men over 40 and HGH for men over 50 or even older can be extremely beneficial. Males under 30 are usually never prescribed human growth hormone medication for issues that have to do with the aging process. Most experts do not believe that a man will start to experience the signs and symptoms of a GH depletion until they are over 30.

How can a man become a part of HGH therapy for men? It all begins with a simple phone call to a clinical advisor at the hormone replacement therapy clinic of the man’s choice. Our clinic is always very happy to discuss with new potential patients the process of HGH therapy for men, testing, what to expect from therapy and what the benefits are of this kind of treatment.

In addition, clinical advisors will be the first experts from the clinic to want to know what symptoms a man is experiencing, what treatment he has had in the past and what his goals are for HGH therapy at the time of his call.

Together as a team, the advisor and the caller will identify the different reasons the man may be experiencing symptoms. If the reasons seem like they are being caused from a GH deficiency, blood testing can take place to find out if GH levels in the body are too low. Then HGH therapy for men can become what helps the male to become stronger, healthier and happier about his future ahead.

For more information about human growth hormone for men, please reach out to us. Our contact form is right here on this page online. It takes just a few minutes to fill out and you can be speaking with an expert about how HGH therapy can help to change your life and your future for the better.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on June 25, 2018

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.