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How Much Does Estrogen Therapy Cost?

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - December 4, 2015

The cost of estrogen therapy for the average woman is not as simple as providing a number. Unlike some medications that are available in only one form, estrogen replacement has many different versions, brands, and applications. There are also different dosages, as well as frequency and duration of treatment to consider.

Estrogen Therapy

The actual estrogen therapy cost will be based on which of the following options are chosen:

Oral Estrogens – effective at reducing menopause symptoms and osteoporosis, but hold the greatest risk of adverse effects

  • Estrace
  • Estratab
  • Premarin
  • Ogen

Estrogen Skin Patches – convenient, same benefits but less risk than oral treatments, may irritate skin, must be kept away from heat and direct sunlight

  • Alora
  • Climara
  • Estraderm
  • Vivelle-Dot

Combination Estrogen/Progesterone Skin Patches – same as above

  • Climara Pro
  • Combipatch
  • Menostar

Topical Estrogen Treatments – safer than oral treatment, but must dry before putting on clothes or coming into contact with other people

  • Estroge (gel)
  • Divigell (gel)
  • Estrasorb (cream)
  • Evamist (spray)

Vaginal Estrogen  – only for use in treating vaginal and urinary symptoms

  • Vagifem (tablet)
  • Estrace (cream)
  • Premarin (cream)
  • Estring (ring)
  • Femring (ring)

This is only a partial list of brand name offerings, and many of the medications listed above are available in different strengths, further complicating the ability to provide a single price for treatment. Part of the diagnostic process involves the doctor determining the best form of estrogen replacement to prescribe to the individual in need. For example, the medication Menostar will help with preventing osteoporosis resulting from decreasing levels of estrogen, but will do nothing for symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.

Average Price for Estrogen Therapy in USA

It is understandable that asking how much does estrogen therapy cost cannot turn up a single answer when facing all of the options mentioned above. Pricing all changes from one pharmacy to another, and some companies offer coupons or discounts for their medications.

The average price for estrogen therapy can also vary from one city to another. This can make it confusing for people who are looking for a direct answer to this question on the internet. Some companies advertise general prices, but deeper research into their website can muddy the waters and make the process confusing.

At National HRT®, our goal is to simplify the entire process of receiving hormone replacement therapy for our clients. Blood testing and treatment options are the same cost no matter where in the country people reside. We offer complimentary, confidential consultations to men and women throughout the US. Contact us to learn more about the hormone replacement options available to you.

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