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Can Certain Foods Increase Testosterone?

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - November 3, 2015

Oysters have long been referred to as an aphrodisiac by men hoping to power up their erections for a night of romance. Research has shown this to be more than an old wives’ tale. Among the many foods that increase testosterone, oysters are high on the list of contenders for the top spot.

Does that mean that what you eat can have an impact on your testosterone levels? Absolutely, it does!

Foods that increase testosterone levels are all around us, and making some easy changes in your diet can have an impact on testosterone production. Even more important – choosing the right foods can help prevent the natural conversion process that occurs where excess testosterone is changed into oestrogen in the body. This affects both males and females, alike, and can have benefits for both genders.

It is true that women also require an adequate supply of testosterone to keep their bones and muscles strong, their mind sharp, and their romantic feelings amorous. In fact, the very last entry on our list of foods to increase testosterone will make many women smile (and go running into the kitchen!). Just remember – everything in moderation.

If you have already been diagnosed with Low T, and are taking some form of testosterone replacement treatment, the following foods that increase testosterone naturally can possibly add further benefits to your life.

If you have not yet started any form of testosterone treatment, but are concerned that you may have some of the symptoms of Low T, you may want to look towards food to increase testosterone before beginning medical intervention. It is always a good idea to get a blood test from a hormone replacement therapy specialist before making these changes so that a baseline testosterone reading can provide a starting point to work from, and alert to any serious concerns that may be undiscovered.

For women and men who have been told that they do have a severe deficiency, it is recommended to follow the doctor’s suggestions for supplementation in addition to making some dietary changes.

Best Foods to Increase Testosterone

TestosteroneHere they are, the 31 best foods to increase testosterone levels in men and women. Members of both genders will reap rewards of making some dietary changes. As always, avoiding processed sugar, fatty and fried foods, and anything that has a list of chemicals a mile long is always recommended. Eat food in its most natural form to get the best benefits whenever possible.

What foods increase testosterone, and do they differ for men and women? For the most part, everyone can benefit from adding these dietary options to their day whenever possible. Strive to get at least one or two of them into your diet each day. Of course, if it mentions that it is good for sperm production or motility, it is geared more to the males reading this report.

The top foods that increase testosterone are:

  • Honey – this tasty bit of sweetness contains the mineral boron that is associated with nitric oxide and high testosterone levels to improve erections by opening up blood vessels.
  • Bananas – this fruit provides a slow release of energy, along with the enzyme bromelain that will help boost testosterone levels naturally.
  • Berries – dark berries are high in antioxidants and are another food that increases testosterone production.
  • Grapes – red grapes can help increase testosterone and improve sperm motility.
  • Raisins – these little anti-inflammatory gems are filled with antioxidants, boron, and resveratrol to lower estrogen and increase testosterone levels.
  • Pomegranate – a glass of this juice each day may improve erectile function.
  • Citrus – not only do these fruits help lower the levels of cortisol in the body, but they also contain vitamin A that can help lower oestrogen levels and increase testosterone production.
  • Watermelon – rounding out the sweet side of foods that increases testosterone, watermelon contains an important amino acid called citrulline.  Once converted into arginine in the body, boosted blood flow is the outcome – move over Viagra!
  • Oats – eat your breakfast! Porridge oats contain L-arginine, B vitamins, and zinc – all known to help boost sexual performance.
  • EVOO – extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidants and a natural testosterone booster. Do the research online first before buying – not all brands are real organic extra virgin olive oil. Worth the extra cost to get the right stuff!
  • Coconut Oil – all the fuss about coconut oil lately is worth paying attention to – this healthy oil increases testosterone production while also boosting metabolic rate, improving cognitive abilities, and helping thyroid hormones.
  • Garlic – does more than keep vampires away; eating this raw will lower cortisol – the stress hormone – which prevents testosterone from achieving its functions.
  • Ginseng – Korean red ginseng has been shown to help 60 percent of patients dealing with erectile dysfunction, and is one of the top foods that increase testosterone in males.
  • Potatoes – all types of potatoes are superior options for testosterone boosting carbohydrates.
  • Mushrooms – the polysaccharides in white button mushrooms have been shown to provide anti-estrogenic effects (they block the enzyme that is responsible for converting excess testosterone into estrogen).
  • Cabbage – this mineral and vitamin-packed vegetable contains indole-3-carbinol, a natural way to reduce oestrogen levels to make testosterone more effective in the body.
  • Spinach – another leafy green, spinach is loaded with some of the essential building blocks of testosterone – vitamins C and E, as well as magnesium.
  • Asparagus – folic acid, vitamin E, and potassium pack this natural aphrodisiac for healthy testosterone production.
  • Cheese – cheeses such as ricotta and swiss are high in zinc to boost testosterone levels.
  • Low-Fat Milk – organic, (preferably grass-fed) low-fat milk not only helps to keep bones strong, but it is also fortified with vitamin D to help with raising testosterone levels.
  • Butter – grass-fed butter contains vitamins A, E, D, and K2 – all associated with increasing testosterone production.
  • Eggs – testosterone production can benefit from the protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and healthy cholesterol found in eggs.
  • Red Meat – grass fed beef in limited amounts can help with vitamin D or zinc, depending upon what type of cut it is. Consume only occasionally for the best benefits.
  • Oysters – the most noted of all aphrodisiacs, oysters are loaded with zinc, a natural libido and testosterone booster.
  • Shellfish – lobster and crab also contain an abundance of zinc to help raise testosterone levels.
  • Tuna – high in vitamin D, tuna is one of the foods that increase testosterone levels in men by boosting testosterone levels, maintaining semen quality, and increasing sperm count.
  • Salmon – stick to the wild kind and get a powerhouse of omega-3’s, vitamin B, and magnesium to help lower the level of SHBG – sex hormone binding globulin – that interferes with testosterone.
  • Almonds – not only do these tasty nuts help lower cholesterol and reduce belly fat, but they can also boost sex drive in women and men thanks to their abundance of zinc.
  • Avocado – just as with nuts, avocado contains monounsaturated fat that can help lower LDL cholesterol and increase testosterone.
  • Beans – black, white, and kidney beans are packed with zinc and vitamin D, providing benefits for testosterone and heart health.
  • Chocolate – not the processed stuff but real raw chocolate and cacao are loaded with antioxidants and minerals for cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose levels, and, yes, testosterone production.

All of the above foods increase testosterone production in some way. Each person can pick and choose the ones to add into his or her daily diet. Even one change may make a difference, but only time will tell.

So, what is the best food to increase testosterone from the list above? The one that you can see yourself adding in on a regular basis – and, of course, chocolate!

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