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Testosterone Cypionate vs. Enanthate: Which One is Better?

Written by Author - AuthorsDoctors/Authors - September 1, 2016

Testosterone Cypionate vs. Enanthate Which One is Better?

Men who are diagnosed with low levels of testosterone are ideal candidates for testosterone replacement treatment. The biggest decision is determining what form of therapy to use. This brings up a discussion of testosterone cypionate vs. enanthate injections, and which one is the better choice to administer.

Before making a decision, it is always recommended to have this discussion with an experienced hormone replacement specialist, and not some guy at the local gym. What works for one person may not be the best choice for someone else. There are important facts to know about both testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate, and we will present some of that crucial information here.

One main difference between testosterone cypionate and enanthate is the way in which they are produced:

  • Testosterone Cypionate DEPO or generic made with cotton seed
  • Testosterone Cypionate compound made with grape seed or sesame seed
  • Testosterone Enanthate Delatestryl made with sesame oil
  • Testosterone Enanthate made with sesame oil or grape seed

Both forms of injectable testosterone offer a sustained release time of 2 to 3 weeks which will vary from one man to the next based on how his body assimilates and uses the testosterone. One difference is that testosterone enanthate is released faster into the bloodstream, giving it a shorter half-life that testosterone cypionate. A half-life means the amount of time it takes for a medication to lose half of its strength. More information on that can be found in the next two sections.

A Comparison Chart Of Testosterone Cypionate vs Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Cypionate vs Testosterone Enanthate are two very similar medications, but they do have their differences. They are both bio-identical, intramuscular, injectable substances that are only legal to use when prescribed by a licensed doctor. This doctor must have diagnosed the patient with a testosterone deficiency (or low T) before writing a prescription.

The comparison table below will show the variations between the two chemical compounds Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate. The information you will read has been gathered by experts in the field of endocrinology. The experts are specialists who prescribe the hormone regularly.

Testosterone CypionateTestosterone Enanthate
Cypionate DEPO or generic made with cotton seed
Cypionate Compound made with grape seed or sesame seed
Enanthate Made with sesame oil or grape seed
Enanthate Delatestryl made with sesame oil
Slower release timeFaster release time
Longer active life (lasts longer in the system)Shorter active life (lasts shorter in the system)
Has a half life of 12 daysHas a half life of 10.5 days
Has less testosterone per milligramHas more testosterone per milligram
One carbon atom heavierOne carbon atom lighter
Considered as an English steroid medicationConsidered as a European steroid medication
8 carbon ester chain7 carbon ester chain
Usually more expensiveUsually less expensive
Usually prescribed by doctors as a first choiceUsually prescribed by doctors as a second choice

There are some variations in the two medications, but the Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate difference is not that great. Both medications offer the same benefits and results from properly prescribed therapy. In addition, both medications could have the same negative side effects if an allergic reaction occurs or if the injections are not used properly.

You will find out which testosterone injectable medication is best for you after you have gone through complete testing. This is when the doctor in charge can analyze your medical information and condition. He or she can then make a determination about which testosterone medication will benefit you the most.

For more information regarding the differences between Testosterone Cypionate vs Testosterone Enanthate, please reach out to us by filling out our online contact form. Our expert clinical advisors can educate you to all you need to know about the two hormone medications.

Pros and Cons of Testosterone Cypionate

Since we are on the topic of half-lives, comparing testosterone cypionate versus enanthate brings us to the fact that testosterone cypionate has a half-life of 10 to 12 days. This is what makes it such a popular choice for so many men. It means less frequent injections and an overall lower cost since less medication must be purchased.

One of the reasons a comparison between testosterone cypionate or enanthate often yields itself in the direction of the first option is the fact that it is slower releasing than its counterpart. Testosterone cypionate provides a more even release into the bloodstream rather than the sometimes rapid jolt that can come from enanthate. This helps to avoid more of a high and low cycling that can affect energy, mood, and libido.

The brands of testosterone cypionate that are most widely prescribed are Depo-Testosterone and Watson.

To summarize the pros and cons of testosterone cypionate (based on personal preference):

  • Suspension in cottonseed oil
  • Longer half-life
  • Fewer injections
  • Slower release into bloodstream

Pros and Cons of Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Cypionate

As we move into the testosterone enanthate vs. cypionate debate, we can see that the half-life of testosterone enanthate is 8 – 10 days, a shorter period of time than with testosterone cypionate.

That means that injections will have to be administered on a more frequent basis, often every 8 to 12 days, depending on the person and how he reacts to this treatment.

A positive aspect for some men is that the initial release of testosterone into the bloodstream occurs at a quicker rate when comparing testosterone enanthate vs. testosterone cypionate. This can sometimes bring a more rapid increase in energy after injecting the medication. The converse to this is that the decline can also occur faster, and that is a negative to some of the men who have received this treatment. Again, each person will respond in a unique way, and all forms of testosterone replacement therapy should be discussed with a hormone specialist.

The most recognizable brand names for testosterone enanthate are Watson and Delatestryl.

Here is a recap of the pros and cons of testosterone enanthate:

  • Suspended in sesame oil
  • Shorter half-life
  • More frequent injections
  • Quicker release into bloodstream, as well as leaving it sooner

Making the decision between testosterone cypionate vs. enanthate is a personal one, and should never be entered into on a whim or without proper guidance. A diagnosis of Low T requires blood analysis and physical examination.

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