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Is It Legal to Buy Testosterone Cypionate in the USA?

Legal Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a legitimate medication that falls under the classification of an androgen – a male hormone. The legal use of this pharmaceutical is for individuals who have been diagnosed with Low T – declining levels of testosterone, or, in some cases, in women with certain types of breast cancer. Other forms of testosterone will be used for women experiencing low levels of this hormone, as well, as it is not just crucial for men to produce enough testosterone on a daily basis.

The legality for a person to buy testosterone cypionate 200 mg comes in the form of a prescription from a doctor following a proper diagnosis. In order for this determination to be made, blood testing and symptom confirmation are used. A completed medical history form and physical examination are also required before authorization for use is provided.

Testosterone cypionate 200 mg is the average dosage given to men diagnosed with Low T. The typical treatment period is once every other week, for a maximum of 400 MG a month. Only the doctor can determine if this dosage is what is necessary, along with the frequency of treatment. Some men may require a lower dosing of 100 mg rather than testosterone cypionate 200 mg, or may need treatment every 10 days rather than 14.

It is also important to remember never to share prescription medications of any kind with another person. Even if someone has the exact same symptoms, they could be indicative of another medical condition. Low T and its treatment must be diagnosed and prescribed by an experienced doctor.

Where to Buy Legal Testosterone Cypionate

Although it may seem possible to buy testosterone cypionate 200 mg online without a prescription, please be aware that this would be considered an illegal sale.

Here are the risks that could occur in this situation:

Testosterone Cypionate

  1. The buyer of illegal testosterone cyp 200 mg could be subject to prosecution
  2. The company on the internet could be fraudulent, taking the money and subsequently shutting down their website after making a certain amount of profit, or after being investigated
  3. Since 200 mg testosterone cypionate does fall into a class of pharmaceutical products that is widely counterfeited, there is no way of knowing for certain that what is being purchased is safe to use
  4. If you decide to buy testosterone cypionate 200 mg without a proper prescription, the shipment of medication could be confiscated by authorities
  5. There is no legal recourse if any of the above occur when testosterone injections have been purchased illegally

There are over 11,000 websites engaged in the sale of pharmaceutical products, and only about 4% of them are considered legitimate in all aspects of selling and dispensing medications. Buying these items on the internet is a risky, and often illegal business.

Testosterone cypionate is safe to use when prescribed by a doctor to treat any of the medical conditions that it is utilized for in adults. Attempting to purchase this medication for illegal purposes may result in adverse side effects and dangerous reactions. Testosterone treatment must always be supervised by a doctor.

Here at National HRT’s hormone replacement clinic, we take the treatment of low testosterone very seriously. Aside from interfering with one’s sex life, Low T can affect bones, muscles, cholesterol levels, the heart, and the brain. Men diagnosed with heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and other conditions are also often diagnosed with low testosterone levels.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on July 25, 2019

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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