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Testosterone Cypionate Benefits to Combat Low T

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - August 22, 2016

Testosterone Cypionate

Hormone replacement therapy specialists use testosterone cypionate injections to combat the unpleasant effects of Low T in men. Testosterone levels start to decline in a male’s early thirties, and this decrease continues at a pace of about 1 to 2 percent each year. Lifestyle habits, genetics, health history, and medications may all play a part in how quickly a man finds that his testosterone levels decline. That is why the testosterone cypionate benefits that come from receiving this treatment once a diagnosis of Low T is made are invaluable.

Anyone who has ever experienced the weakness, fatigue, loss of sex drive, muscle decline, and mental fogginess that often accompany Low T can tell you that it is no fun. Watching your hair get thinner while your waistline gets thicker can destroy a man’s self-image and ego. It is not surprising at all that Low T is often associated with male depression.

Every hormone in the body has a purpose, and some, like testosterone, have many different areas where functions rely on a healthy daily supply of a particular chemical. Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers delivering crucial signals that help everything proceed in working order. For men with Low T, the received testosterone cypionate injection benefits can put everything back to perform as originally intended.

Short-Term Testosterone Cypionate Benefits

The short-term benefits of testosterone cypionate are the ones that are noticed fairly soon after beginning treatment. Increased energy is often the first thing a man will see once he begins administering his prescribed testosterone cypionate injections. Some men find that within a few hours after the first shot, something feels different. They may not be able to put a finger on it just yet, or describe the feeling, but they can tell that a change is forthcoming. Others may take a bit longer to notice any change. Improvements in energy and focus are typically noticeable during the first week or two of treatment.

Other spectacular short-term testosterone cypionate benefits received during the first few months include:

  • Deeper sleep
  • Improved concentration, motivation, drive, and productivity
  • Better mood
  • Reversal of depressed feelings
  • Enhanced sex drive, arousal, performance, and pleasure
  • Sharper brain functions
  • Improved metabolism and weight loss

The changes taking place are due to prescribed testosterone cypionate 200 mg benefits or any other dosage that the doctor determines is necessary. As important as these changes in the body are, the long-term effects that treatment for Low T can provide are even more astounding.

Long-Term Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

Weight Loss

Treatment for low testosterone is crucial to keep a man functioning at his best throughout his life.

Testosterone plays such an important role in bone development, muscle maintenance, metabolism, heart health, and brain functions that a decline occurring to the point where adverse reactions are taking place can be detrimental for one’s present and future health and well-being.


The following long-term testosterone cypionate health benefits may surprise you:

  • Improving metabolic syndrome
  • Increasing red blood cell production to protect against anemia
  • Helping to prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bones
  • Regulating insulin and glucose to protect against diabetes type 2
  • Improve overall heart health and cardiac capacity
  • Strengthens quality of life and outlook
  • Helps to keep the brain functioning optimally to guard against dementia

These long-term benefits of testosterone cypionate injections often still exist well after treatment for Low T has ended. Testosterone therapy is often used by hormone replacement specialists to get the body back on track. A man dealing with Low T is often too tired to engage in healthy habits such as exercise and proper nutrition. It is the hope that each man who receives treatment will take the necessary steps in his life to live in a manner that will help support testosterone production in the future.

Treatment with testosterone cypionate can continue under the guidance of the HRT specialist to ensure that the body is functioning properly, even when the testes are not producing enough testosterone to meet the body’s needs.

For further information about how to get tested for Low T, or how to receive affordable testosterone cypionate treatment, please contact National HRT for a free consultation with a specialist.

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