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Which Type of Testosterone Injection is Best for Libido?

Testosterone for Your Libido

It has long been known that the hormone testosterone plays a significant role in keeping libido levels high in both men and women. Many females may be surprised to hear this, thinking that it is only estrogen that they can count on for this.

The fact is that every person needs an adequate supply of testosterone in his or her bloodstream at all times – both for libido and many other crucial bodily functions that can be identified by reading some of the other reports on this website.

The question many people ask is which testosterone is best for libido, especially when changes in sexual desire and arousal become noticeable.

This is where the differences between the genders are evident, as follows:

  • For women whose dosing needs are far different from that of their male counterparts, testosterone therapy is typically prescribed as a bioidentical cream formulation that is compounded in the pharmacy to the precise dosage requirements determined by the hormone replacement doctor. This treatment will help to boost libido, sexual arousal, vaginal lubrication, and pleasure.
  • Men have a number of other viable options waiting for them, with the most widely recommended based on efficacy and price being injections. While other choices include patches, gels, oral pellets that adhere to the gums, testosterone injections are still the number one choice of men who want to boost their libido and improve overall health and physical well-being.

Benefits of Depo-Testosterone for Your Libido

Although the term “libido” and sexual desire may be subjective in terms of what one person considers to be high and other views as low, most people can readily admit that a total lack of interest in sex, or the inability to achieve an erection would be an adequate definition of low libido. This is typically seen in cases where a man is not producing enough testosterone for his body’s daily needs.

This brings up the question of which testosterone is best for libido when looking at the various injections on the market.

Depo-Testosterone has long been the pinnacle that other forms of injectable testosterone are measured against. It is the brand name testosterone cypionate produced by Pfizer. Below are two questions that are frequently asked about this product and its impact on libido.

How Can Depo-Testosterone Increase Your Sexual Desire?

The first thing to know is that sex drive tends to decline once a man has left his twenties, the period of peak sexual libido for males. This decrease occurs at the same time that the body starts to reduce its production of testosterone – at a rate of between 1 and 2 percent each year.

What Depo-Testosterone does is increase the amount of testosterone that is available in the bloodstream for the body to use.

Depo-Testosterone injections allow for the slow and gradual uptake of testosterone from the injection point in the muscle into the bloodstream. With higher levels of testosterone in the blood, a man can expect his libido and erections to rise to the desired task.

How Long Does it Take to See First Depo-Testosterone Treatment Results?

Depo-Testosterone is not a quick fix the way some men would view the use of Viagra. That medication is a short-term, one-time-only way of strengthening an erection for sexual performance and pleasure.

Testosterone takes a bit of time to work, but it will continue to provide increased sexual performance and pleasure for the duration of the treatment, and for many men, well beyond.

By the end of the first month, some men report increased libido and sexual arousal. Into the second and third months of testosterone treatment, the return of the morning erection, longer endurance, and enhanced orgasms are seen.

Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate for Libido

Because Depo-Testosterone is testosterone cypionate, and all forms of this bioidentical supplementation of testosterone are the same, men do not have to turn to the most expensive form of cypionate treatment for use.

In fact, the pharmaceutical brand Watson, as well as pharmacy compounded testosterone cypionate injections are all made to the same high standards of Depo-Testosterone but are available at a lower price.

This means that the same benefits for boosting libido and improving sexual performance can be enjoyed by the men who desire them.

How Can Testosterone Cypionate Increase Your Sexual Desire?

Testosterone cypionate works to increase sex desire by bringing balance back to the testosterone-estrogen connection in the body. When testosterone levels are low, estrogen levels in men tend to be higher, and this can impact sexual drive and performance.

Higher estrogen in males is also linked to an increase in belly fat, where the enzyme aromatase increases the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (estrogen).

Testosterone cypionate is often prescribed with an estrogen blocker to prevent this conversion so that the body, and libido, can benefit from the increased testosterone.

How Long Does it Take to See First Testosterone Cypionate Treatment Results?

The same results that were listed for Depo-Testosterone will occur with any form of testosterone cypionate injections. By the third month of treatment, most men will find that their libido, performance, and pleasure levels are back to the point they were at when they were in their twenties.

If you would like to learn more about testosterone treatment for your libido, please contact National HRT directly for a free and confidential consultation.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on March 20, 2023

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