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How to Inject Sermorelin

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - March 22, 2016

Sermorelin Instructions

Provided here is the information needed for how to inject Sermorelin – no matter which type you have been prescribed by the hormone replacement doctor. It is essential to gather all the necessary supplies before getting started. These supplies will have all been included in your Sermorelin kit. Unlike other companies that only ship the actual medication, and then leave you running all over town to find what else is required, National HRT provides everything needed to get started with your treatment right upon receipt of the package.

Included in your Sermorelin kit you will find the following:

  • Vials of powdered Sermorelin
  • Bacteriostatic mixing solution
  • Mixing syringes
  • Sharps container for needle disposal
  • Insulin syringes for injecting
  • Alcohol prep wipes

Always remember to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water prior to proceeding with medication preparation or injections.

How to Prepare Sermorelin for Use

Before administering your first Sermorelin injection, you will need to reconstitute the medication for use. This process will be performed each time a new vial is used. Once prepared, subsequent injections will only need to follow the directions in the step by step procedures listed in the next section of this report.

Here are the guidelines for preparing and mixing Sermorelin for use:

  1. Pop the tops off of the bacteriostatic fluid and Sermorelin vials
  2. Use an alcohol wipe to sterilize the tops of both vials
  3. Open a 10 mL syringe, ensure that the needle is secure, remove the needle cap (setting aside) and insert the needle tip into the vial of bacteriostatic solution
  4. Pull back gradually on the plunger and fill the syringe with 9 mL’s of sterile water from the vial – always go past the 9 mL mark at first and then push the plunger slowly back to remove any air bubbles and return to the 9 mL mark
  5. Remove the needle and then insert it into the top of the Sermorelin vial, slowly pushing down on the syringe plunger until all of the fluid has entered the vial – do this slowly to prevent foaming of the medication
  6. Remove the needle from the vial, replace the cap and twist off – discarding the needle in the supplied Sharps container and disposing of the syringe in the garbage
  7. After letting the Sermorelin sit for a few minutes to dissolve, examine it closely for particles – letting it sit a bit longer if necessary

The medication is now prepared, and you are ready to learn how to inject Sermorelin acetate.

Step By Step Injection Procedures for Sermorelin

The steps mentioned in the preceding section will be completed each time a new vial of Sermorelin is needed. Once prepared, the steps below will be used for how to inject Sermorelin as directed by the doctor.

Here are the step by step injection procedures for administering Sermorelin:

  1. Using a 1 cc, 31 gauge insulin syringe, remove the back end plug from the plunger and then the cover from the needle and set aside for recapping after the injection
  2. Place the needle through the center of the top of the Sermorelin vial, tilting the vial slightly downwards as you pull the stopper past the dosage prescribed by the doctor
  3. Then push the plunger slowly back to the proper dosage to remove any air in the syringe
  4. Temporarily replace the needle cover while you prepare the injection site
  5. Clean the injection area site with an alcohol swab (determine your injection sites with your hormone replacement specialist in advance)
  6. Pinch the fold of sterilized skin between your fingers and insert the needle at an angle of 45-degrees
  7. Let go of the pinched skin before slowly pushing down on the syringe plunger to release the medication into your body
  8. Remove the needle from your body, recap, and discard in the Sharps containe

Your doctor will determine how much Sermorelin to inject along with which type of Sermorelin is best for your needs.

National HRT is a hormone replacement clinic that can help you with your diagnostic and treatment needs regarding hormone replacement therapy. Please contact us with any questions or for help with administering your injections.

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