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A List Of Hormone Replacement Therapy Guidelines 2017

HRT Guidelines USA

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) guidelines are set in place for the purpose of keeping patients safe from harm and keeping HRT clinics honest and trustworthy. The US government considers injectable hormones of all kinds to be controlled substances. Therefore, these are the hormone replacement therapy treatment guidelines that they have created and that all clinics must follow:

  • 1. Before any services are provided to a client, the patient must have an initial consultation with an expert clinical advisor via telephone.
  • 2. Clients must all be over 30.
  • 3. All clinical advisors must be fully trained in HRT and highly skilled.
  • 4. All doctors must be licensed in endocrinology or in a closely related field.
  • 5. The conversation between an HRT clinic and the patient will be regarding everything involved in this kind of treatment, the testing process and patients and will be invited to ask any and all questions that they have.

Honest clinics wish to fully educate clients as to the proper hormone replacement therapy guidelines so that the patients can make the best informed decisions for their health.

  • 6. After the first phone call is completed and both patient and advisor decide together to continue with therapy, the advisor will set up an appointment in the nearest LabCorp clinic for the patient to get a blood test taken.This will let our doctors know if the patient has a hormone deficiency and which hormone(s) needs replacing. It will allow the doctor to create an individualized treatment plan that will implement the safest change without any negative side effects.

Negative side effects from HRT can occur, but they are rare if therapy is being done by following the proper growth hormone therapy guidelines. This is why we are sharing them with you. If any side effects do happen during treatment, patients are advised to call their advisors immediately. Advisors are closely in touch with our doctors and the physician in charge can easily and quickly change a dosage or a medication for a patient.

  • 7. Patients must also get a physical examination completed and must fill out the clinic’s medical history form (which usually can be found on HRT clinic’s website.) Doctors need all medical information in order to be certain that a patient is in otherwise good health to benefit from HRT.
  • 8. Doctors must collect all pertinent medical information and blood work in order to analyze the results before they can write the necessary prescription for a client to receive injectable hormones.
  • 9. Once prescription is written, the clinic will ship out medications and supplies to the patient’s home or office in the most confidential and discreet way possible.
  • 10. HRT clinics must only sell real and authentic injectable hormones to their patients.
  • 11. One of the most important hormone replacement therapy guidelines 2017 is that all patients are provided with medical supervision from their prescribing doctor.

The government cannot set guidelines for patients when they are participating in therapy from home, but clients need to stay committed and responsible when using injectable hormones. They need to follow their prescriptions exactly as written by the doctor. They must not take more hormone than is prescribed and they should stay in constant contact with their advisor.

Why Follow Hormone Replacement Therapy Guidelines In The USA

A List of HRT Guidelines

Both clinics and patients are highly advised to follow the hormone replacement therapy guidelines in the USA set forth by government officials. Here is why:

  • To avoid monetary fines from distributing, selling or buying fake hormone medications.
  • To avoid getting negative side effects from fake medications.
  • To avoid health issues due to taking the wrong dosage of medication.

News sources have shared that not only monetary fines have been given to those who break the law  (can be up to $250,000) regarding hormone therapy guidelines, but that jail time has also been dealt to some as well. As mentioned earlier, these guidelines are set in place to protect both patients and clinics from harm.

Injectable hormones are to be taken seriously. They should only be sold to those who get prescriptions from licensed doctors. They should be taken exactly according to the patient’s treatment plan as the doctor has written it. Medications should only be purchased from reputable clinics and never from unknown sources, from overseas or from the black market.

Patients should follow all hormone replacement therapy guidelines, take injections as prescribed and keep in close contact with the clinical advisor during treatment. This is how he or she will receive the best possible results in a safe and legal way.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on July 11, 2019

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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