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Why Testosterone Levels Are Higher in the Morning

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - August 11, 2016

Levels of Testosterone During the Day

Many hormone levels are cyclical, but unlike some female hormones that have an approximate 4-week cycle (commencing with the monthly menstrual period), others run through their entire cycle every 24 hours. That happens to be the case with testosterone production. The reason why testosterone levels are higher in the morning is that the body replenishes testosteronein much the same manner as it does growth hormone during sleep. This is the period of rejuvenation and processing that the brain and many glands and organs go through each night.

Upon awakening, testosterone levels are at their peak. Once food intake begins, these levels will start to fluctuate throughout the day. Physical exertion and exercise can also play a significant role in the daily production. Lack of sleep and stress are additional factors that can impact changes in testosterone levels for adult men and women.

Why are testosterone levels higher in the morning before food and exercise can affect them?

As testosterone production continued during sleep, the levels concentrate in the bloodstream. The body is not exerting energy, eating and metabolizing food, doing mental calculations, or engaging in sexual relations.

Here are the ways testosterone levels throughout the day can affect a person’s performance:

  • Morning Testosterone Levels – Highest Concentration

Higher levels of testosterone in the morning will often find a person energized, focused, motivated, competitive, confident, impulsive, independent, and possibly aggressive and quick to anger. Libido is often strongest now when a man is well rested and dealing with high levels of testosterone.

  • Afternoon Testosterone Levels – Mid-Cycle

During the middle of the day, the body is focusing a lot of energy on metabolizing the food that has been consumed. Testosterone levels start a slow decline. Mood begins to mellow out, and most men report that they feel as though they have settled into an even keel and temperament.

  • Evening Testosterone Levels – Lowest Point

Fatigue at night may correspond with low testosterone levels. Libido declines and a many may be disinterested in or too tired for sex. It may be difficult to concentrate or get any work done at this time.

How to Prevent Testosterone Levels from Falling During the Day

Levels of Testosterone in the Morning

Now that we have looked at why testosterone levels are higher in the morning, it is time to see what action can be taken to reverse this trend.

Each person has a number of tools at his or her disposal to prevent testosterone levels from falling during the day.

The actions that will help to increase testosterone levels include:

  • Doctor prescribed testosterone supplementation
  • Caffeine consumption
  • Exercise
  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Playing video games
  • Watching action movies
  • Competing in sports or mental games such as chess
  • Specific vitamins – see “Herbs and Vitamins to Increase Testosterone”
  • Consumption of certain foods – see “Foods that Increase Testosterone”
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