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What to Do if Testosterone Shots Not Working?

Testosterone Shots

Testosterone replacement therapy – TRT – is prescribed to men in the form of an injection to combat the effects of Low T, but, sometimes the results do not appear as quickly as hoped for at the start of treatment. There are many reasons why this may occur, and this report will cover what to do when testosterone shots don’t work.

The first question we would normally ask is whether or not the individual is following all of the prescribing guidelines and instructions that were provided. This can have a big impact on the timetable for the results.

If someone is provided with testosterone cypionate injections that require administration every 10 days but is stretching it to 14 to save money, then that could impact the end results. We would also look to find ways to reduce the costs of treatment so that the instructions could be followed as prescribed.

The next thing to find out is where the testosterone shots were purchased if not from us here at National HRT. Some people resort to black market websites in the hopes of saving time and money, bypassing a doctor altogether. This can result in the receipt of medications that may not be what they seem.Testosterone is one of the most counterfeited pharmaceutical products, and what is purchased online from overseas may be heavily diluted, be nothing but water, could be another type of medication, or could contain dangerous ingredients. All testosterone and other pharmaceutical products should always come from a licensed US pharmacy to ensure safety and efficacy.

  • Next up is the examination of the results timetable for testosterone benefits. This can let us know if the individual is expecting changes before they naturally happen. We will go into this in further detail in the next section.

Average Time for Testosterone Benefits to be Seen

Knowing what to expect at the start of treatment will help you to understand the average time for the benefits of testosterone shots to be seen. Unreal expectations can leave a person believing that his treatment is not working, when, in reality, the changes are taking place beneath the surface, they have just not become noticeable yet. Please note before reading this timetable that these are average estimates, and each man will respond uniquely to his treatment.

The average times for the benefits of testosterone to be seen are as follows:

  • By the end of the third week of treatment, a man can typically expect improved sex drive, increased sexual thoughts and fantasy, enhanced satisfaction, and an increase in his morning erections. His anxiety and feelings of aggression will decline, and improved sociability and quality of life will be noticed. A change that will be yet unnoticed is that inflammation levels in the body will begin to decline at this point.
  • After four weeks of testosterone shots, erections and sexual performance will improve, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels will start to decrease.
  • At the six week point, most men report a lessening of feelings of depression and better overall mood and outlook. At this time, they start to feel as though the testosterone treatment is actually working.
  • At the 12 week point (3 months down the road), there are going to be noticeable changes in body fat and lean muscle mass. Strength will improve. LDL cholesterol levels will decline, and HDL levels will increase.Research has shown enhanced exercise capacity in older men who have been diagnosed with chronic heart failure. Blood pressure, red blood cell formation, and glycemic control are also seeing positive results.
  • By the end of six months of treatment with testosterone shots, bone density will improve to the point where it reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis. PSA levels increase.

These time-frame guidelines can help determine if testosterone injections are working.

How to Improve the Efficacy of Testosterone Shots

If it does not seem like these average times are being met, then a conference with the prescribing hormone specialist is in order. This will determine whether or not to proceed with testosterone treatment, whether to try a different brand or type of testosterone shots, to add in a supplemental form of therapy, to increase the dosage or frequency of injections, or if some other lifestyle changes might be in order.

There are times when a man is dealing with a testosterone deficiency that is so severe that when testosterone shots don’t work, he may need a combination approach of using both testosterone cypionate and testosterone propionate injections at the same time. The testosterone propionate is used as a quick-fix jumpstart to provide a rapid increase in the testosterone levels in the body.

There are also other methods of improving the efficacy of testosterone shots that will be discussed in the final section below.

Other Options for Increasing Testosterone Benefits

The other options for increasing the benefits of testosterone injections involve some form of lifestyle changes. This can include exercise, diet, increased sleep, stress reduction, vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. It is recommended that a person checks out some of the other reports on this website by accessing the sitemap at the bottom of this page. This will lead to links to articles that focus on the various ways of increasing testosterone in the body.

National HRT is a hormone replacement therapy clinic that takes great pride in helping men and women overcome the effects of hormone deficiencies. Please call us for a free consultation with an HRT specialist. Your confidentiality is always maintained.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on April 11, 2023

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.