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What Kind of Doctor Treats Low Testosterone?

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - August 31, 2016

What Doctor Treats Low Testosterone

Medical specialties exist for the benefit of the patient. Finding the right doctor is crucial to the best possible care. When asking what kind of doctor treats low testosterone, both men and women will want to turn to a hormone replacement therapy specialist. It is important to understand that the symptoms exhibited also play a role in this determination.

For example, a man who wants to know what kind of doctor should treat low testosterone needs to think about what changes he is experiencing. The symptoms of Low T in men may include low energy, decreased drive, loss of lean muscle, sexual decline, fatigue, reduced bone density, memory loss, poor sleep, mental decline, high cholesterol, and even hair loss.

If the only issue is one of erectile functions or urinary issues, and none of the other concerns are present, then a urologist may be the right choice. Otherwise, if some of these other symptoms are present, turn to a hormone specialist for help.

Something else to realize when looking into what doctor treats low testosterone is your personal family provider. While this may seem like the first logical move to make, it is often not the wisest when the symptoms above are present. General practitioners do not have the expertise necessary for the treatment of hormone deficiencies. Some wind up running a bunch of unnecessary diagnostic tests because they are unfamiliar with the symptoms of Low T. Others may merely brush the concerns aside as the result of getting older. This could keep a man from getting the crucial help he needs until the situation gets out of control and other health issues become present.

You want to ensure that the hormone replacement specialist is familiar with andropause and its long-term effects. Ask what other supplements are provided with the testosterone therapy. Men who receive testosterone may also require HCG, anastrozole, and other medications to protect the body from testosterone-estrogen conversion and to ensure that natural testosterone production resumes after treatment ends.

Men are not the only ones who can suffer from Low T. What type of doctor would treat low testosterone in women? Although it may seem like the smart move to contact one’s gynecologist, this is not always the best choice for the treatment of low testosterone in women. Many of these professionals utilize only estrogen and progestin in the treatment of menopausal women. Progestin is extremely dangerous, and they may not realize that natural progesterone and testosterone are often the better options for their female patients.

For more information about this subject, contact the hormone specialists at National HRT. We offer diagnostic testing, affordable treatment options, and superior service and care to men and women throughout the US.

What Kind of Doctor Treats Testosterone Deficiency: Urologist or Endocrinologist

Some men think they need to turn to a urologist or endocrinologist to get tested for low testosterone. That is a normal assumption since urologists deal with problems that could include erectile dysfunction and endocrinologists focus on the endocrine system – home to many of the body’s hormones.

Do urologists treat low testosterone in men of all ages? Many urologists do treat Low T, as do endocrinologists – but an important point to mention is that these physicians also treat many other health conditions in their prospective fields. Doctors who specialize solely in hormone replacement therapy focus all of their efforts on helping men and women keep their hormone levels in balance as they age.

It is not difficult to find out how to get a doctor to prescribe testosterone. The process begins with contacting the proper specialist. If you already have an endocrinologist or urologist that you see because of preexisting conditions, then you will want to speak with that physician about testing for low testosterone and other forms of hormone deficiency. The reason we added in the necessity of other hormones is that Low T often mimics other hormonal imbalances, as well. It is essential to diagnose the correct condition so that the right treatment is prescribed.

You can also learn how to get a prescription for testosterone online from a hormone specialist such as the ones here at National HRT. Although we do not ask you to come into our office for an examination, you will have one with the local doctor of your choice. Blood testing is prearranged at a local laboratory. Consultation is done by phone rather than in the clinic. You will still receive superior service and personalized treatment – it will just cost less in both time and money.

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