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Did Peyton Manning Use HGH For Performance Enhancement?

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - February 8, 2016

Peyton Manning

NFL professional, Peyton Manning adamantly denies the allegations against him that accuse him of purchasing and using human growth hormone (HGH) injections. Peyton Williams Manning, 39 is currently the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He is under some serious investigation.

As all NFL athletes would, Manning understands that growth hormone therapy for athletic enhancement, for the increase of muscle mass, for greater stamina, for greater endurance or for faster healing from injury is banned in the NFL. He claims that the allegations against him (Peyton Manning HGH) are false and had this to say in an interview shared on NFL.com:

“Between being angry, furious, disgusted is how i really feel, sickened. I`m not sure I understand how someone can make something up about somebody… And yet somehow it`spublished in a story. I don`t understand that. Maybe you can explain that to me. So it`s completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage – there`s more adjectives I`d like to be able to use. It really makes me sick”. – NFK.com

Regarding Peyton Manning HGH and talk that the human growth hormone was prescribed to his wife, Ashley, he also made the statement:

“It makes me sick that it brings (my wife) Ashley into it, her medical privacy being violated. That makes me sick. I dont understand that. I`m in the middle of my throwing workout. I enjoy doing that. I have to interrupt this workout to come talk about this.” – NFL.com

Due to the serious consequences that can be afflicted upon any professional athlete who uses these medications, Manning would not want to be associated with HGH usage.

Will Peyton Manning Be Suing for Allegations Of Illegal Use Of HGH

In a recent interview with NBC Sports, Peyton Manning shared that he is likely to sue over the allegations of him using HGH injections. The story is confusing, leaving many still questioning the accusations. However, many stand by Manning sharing that his integrity is strong, as is his work ethic.

Human growth hormone is a very powerful substance that is bioidentical to what the body already produces. As people age, their levels drop and they lose certain strengths that they had when they had adequate amounts of GH flowing through their blood system.

In 2011 Manning had a neck injury that brought about claims that a pharmacist sent HGH to his home. Why? HGH injections have the great benefit of strengthening the immune system and helping to heal injuries faster than without it. Taking HGH for this reason alone is clearly illegal.

Not only did the pharmacist take back his statement that he sent Peyton HGH to his home, Manning denies ever knowing this professional.

It is still being said that the medications were sent to the home and perhaps it was for Manning’s wife, Ashley. The football quarterback had this to say about that:

“Any medical treatments that my wife received, that`s her business,” he said. “That has nothing to do with me. Nothing that`s been sent to her or [that] my wife has used have I ever taken. Absolutley not. I have my treatments that I do, she may have hers and that is her business. There`s no connections between the two.” – Huffingtone Post

When Is HGH Usage Legal And When Is It Illegal To Use?

HGH injections are completely legal and safe to use when they are prescribed by a licensed doctor who has diagnosed a patient with low GH. This can be done after the proper testing has taken place by a qualified clinic or laboratory.

Never is it legal to use HGH injections without having been tested for a deficiency and being prescribed these shots. Additionally, never is it legal for a professional athlete to use these injections. This is why the allegations against Peyton Manning HGH are so serious and why the claims anger him so deeply.

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