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What is an Experienced HRT Doctor?

Perhaps one of the most important decisions a man or woman can make as age begins to take a toll on one’s health and body is the choice of a doctor who can prescribe hormone replacement therapy. Instead of turning to general practitioners, family physicians, or gynecologists, the better choice can be found with HRT doctors.

Doctors of Replacement Therapy

These are the medical professionals who are used to dealing with declining hormone levels in later years of life. An experienced HRT doctor knows that male and female bodies react differently as one enters into his or her thirties. An HRT specialist understands the way growth hormone begins its slow decline around the age of thirty, and that testosterone levels in men also start to decrease at this same point. Women often have until menopause for testosterone, as well as estrogen and progesterone to begin their reduction.

Also often referred to as a bioidentical HRT doctor (BHRT), it is this specialist that can distinguish between the various hormonal deficiencies that can occur, and run the appropriate blood tests to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of each of these chemical shortages. The reason the terminology bioidentical is often used is because the hormone therapies that are typically prescribed by the HRT doctors are bioidentical in nature. Their medicinal properties are exactly the same as the hormones that occur naturally in the body.

Gynecologists, often the first point of consultation for women, frequently prescribe synthetic forms of hormone replacement therapy to their patients. Few are familiar enough with growth hormone deficiency or even Low T in women to offer these alternatives when needed, or even test for their shortages. That is why today’s recommendation for women approaching menopause is to turn to an HRT doctor for help.

How and Where to Find HRT Doctors

Some health care providers do not have an answer when asked by their patients where to find a good HRT doctor. USA hormone replacement clinics can be found in most major cities, as well as online via nationwide medical centers such as National HRT. The benefits that a clinic such as ours offer are extensive, as follows:

  1. Our HRT doctors have a high degree of experience treating men and women suffering from hormone deficiency. That is all we do, every day. More people come to us than to local or regional clinics, and we have an extensive amount of research and results to utilize in our treatment of hormone deficiency and imbalance.
  2. We offer affordable, easy to access care with a broad range of treatment options.
  3. The BHRT doctor will not run a bunch of useless diagnostic tests, and will be able to recognize the symptoms of hormone deficiency.
  4. All medications are shipped from licensed US pharmacies – no standing in line at the corner drug store.
  5. Our ability to provide telephone consultations (at no charge) means there is no risk of running into someone at the doctor’s office. This high level of confidentiality is prized by many people.

If you believe that an HRT doctor can help you get to the real reason why your body is going through unpleasant changes, contact the medical specialists at National HRT for a free consultation. There is nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain by finding out if a hormonal decline is standing in the way of a life teeming with vitality and well-being.

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