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Treatment for Low Testosterone in Males and Females

Written by Author - AuthorsDoctors/Authors - October 21, 2015

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone treatment uses doctor prescribed testosterone injections (for men) and usually a cream or gel (for women) at just the right dosage to raise and balance testosterone levels in the body. With this kind of treatment, the negative symptoms that come from the hormone deficiency are decreased or completely eliminated. This gives the patient the freedom to feel alive again.

Low testosterone levels will often cause a multitude of symptoms that mimic that of aging problems, but they can be even more severe. As a person gets older, their hormone levels (testosterone included) decrease. The body slows down and the hypothalamus and pituitary (the glands responsible for signaling the testes, ovaries and/or adrenals to produce testosterone) slow down. Finally, testosterone is not being produced as it should and problematic issues usually arise.

What Is Low Testosterone Treatment Online?

Some people may have questions about how one can participate in low testosterone treatment online. They may wonder if you have to see a doctor in person, if therapy is safe and how to get tested. Below are some of the most popular questions that potential patients ask about low testosterone treatment online:

Do you have to see a doctor in person?

Yes, you will have to see a doctor in person to get your physical examination completed before you start testosterone therapy. You can see your own family doctor or have your advisor set up an appointment for you with one of the qualified doctors we recommend. Your medical information will be sent to our doctors after an informed consent form is signed.

After you are diagnosed, get your prescription and start your medication, you will receive medical supervision via telephone and email. It is very rare that a negative side effect will occur if you are taking your medication exactly as prescribed. However, if anything out of the ordinary occurs and you are concerned that a negative side effect can cause you harm, you can always visit the closest emergency room.

Any other mild side effects should be reported to your clinical advisor immediately. He or she can be a go between with the doctor in charge to give you further instructions about a possible change in your medication dosage or in your medication altogether.

How do you get tested if you are working with a clinic online?

Your clinical advisor will set an appointment up for you with the closest LabCorp to your home or office. This lab works closely with our clinic and our doctors. Your blood test will be done in the clinic closest to your home or office. The results will be sent to our doctors for review and analysis.

How do I get my injections?

When you work with a clinic for low testosterone treatment online you will have your injections and all supplies that you need shipped directly to your home or office. They will arrive to your door quickly and discreetly.

Where can I find reliable instructions on how to use my injections, cream or gel?

You will be fully educated by your clinical advisor on how to use your injections, cream or gel. Furthermore, your medications will come with full instructions within the your TRT kit. We also offer online videos that lead a person through all of the correct low testosterone treatment guidelines and directives for safe and proper use of the injections, cream or gel that have been shipped to you.

Is testosterone treatment safe to do on my own?

The effects of low testosterone treatment have been proven through medical research over the years to be extremely successful and safe. When you act responsibly and follow your prescription and treatment plan, you should not have any problems. TRT is very safe to do at home. The injections are made for a layperson use and they come with full instructions. The same goes for using creams or gels.

Patients that are working with low testosterone treatment online clinics have the right to call their clinical advisors anytime they need assistance with any part of their therapy. Advisors will often stay on the phone with patients to assist them in delivering their first and even second injections. We want to make sure that a patient feels safe and protected while undergoing testosterone treatment.

Your clinical advisor is also available via email for questions or concerns throughout therapy. We love to hear about your successes and positive results from therapy. However, if there are problems, we want to be the first to know about those too. Your clinical advisor should be a consistent form of support clinically and morally for you during treatment.

Does it save me money to partake in low testosterone treatment online?

For those concerned about low testosterone treatment cost, perhaps partaking in therapy online can save money. You will not have to visit doctor’s offices to get your injections delivered. This will save you time and gas money. You will never have to take off from work for doctor’s appointments and you will also save time having to make appointments for testing. Your advisor will take care of that for you.

Medical Low Testosterone Treatment

  • Intramuscular Injectable Testosterone – testosterone cypionate (Depo-Testosterone, Watson) and testosterone enanthate (Delatestryl, Watson) are the two most widely prescribed forms of testosterone therapy for men. These shots, which are also available as generically compounded medications by US pharmacies, are administered intramuscularly, with a frequency of once every week or two, depending upon the doctor’s determination as to the best course of action. This is also the most affordable and successful form of treating Low T in men.
  • Transdermal Testosterone Skin Patches – these patches can be placed on an arm, the scrotum, the stomach, or the back. Scrotum patches require the area to be kept shaven, and can be quite irritating for some men. Other transdermal patches should be rotated regarding the area used, and are left on for 24 hours. This form of treatment is more expensive than injections, and, aside from possible rashes and irritation, the patch could become loose or fall off, requiring another to be used. Absorption levels also vary significantly among individuals.
  • Testosterone Pills – very rarely recommended, this form of treatment can contribute to liver toxicity.
  • Testosterone Gel – products such as AndroGel and Testim are easy to apply and are rubbed into the arm or shoulder each day. Although very effective, these products can easily cross-contaminate another individual who comes into contact with the expansive treated area, so extra caution needs to be used around children and women. In addition, the cost is higher than with injections, and possible skin sensitivity could arise.
  • Testosterone gel dries within 10 minutes of application, and the area must remain covered with clothing for at least 2 hours. Bathing and swimming should be avoid for up to 6 hours, brand dependant.
  • Testosterone Cream – treatment with testosterone cream is often recommended for women. This method requires only a small location on the upper arm to be treated, minimizing any risk of cross-contamination. The lower dosage makes them suitable for a female’s reduced needs, and this is not often recommended for men due to the lower dosage.
  • Transbuccal Oral Testosterone Tablets – a product called Striant is a tablet of testosterone that is placed under the upper lip and against the gum. The tablet molds to the upper gum and is replaced every 12 hours. It is still possible to drink and eat with the tablet in place, however, many people complain about a bitter taste in their mouth. A toothache and gum irritation are other concerns with this form of testosterone therapy. There is also a risk of cross-contamination to a partner via kissing.
  • Implantable Testosterone – this is the oldest form of testosterone replacement, and the pellets are implanted subcutaneously in order to provide a slow release of testosterone into the system over a period of 4 to 6 months. This treatment is dosage driven, and may consist of implantation of anywhere from 2 to 6 pellets into the upper thighs, deltiot or gluteal muscles, or the lower abdomen. Surgical implantation can be painful, and this treatment is not used in eldely adults. Most doctors do not prescribe implantable testosterone as an option.

Doctors are most likely to recommend testosterone injections to men diagnosed with Low T. The superior results that are achieved from this form of treatment, coupled with the affordable cost and ease of application, make injectable testosterone an excellent option for most men.

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

There are very few low testosterone treatment risks when this therapy is authorized for use by a doctor. It is not recommended that men being treated for breast or prostate cancer receive this medication until cleared by their oncologist. Untreated sleep apnea is another condition that warrants clearance by the hormone specialist before treatment can begin.

Natural low testosterone treatment is extremely safe and effective for the reversal of symptoms associated with Low T. A health questionnaire will be completed by each individual seeking treatment in order for the doctor to ensure it’s safe usage.

The most common side effects are:

  • Breast tenderness or swelling
  • Acne or oily skin
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Edema
  • Increased urination
  • Weight gain
  • Increased sleep apnea

Always contact the doctor at once if any adverse effects are noticed.

National HRT specialists are here to provide answers and free consultations to men and women concerned about Low T or other types of hormonal deficiency.

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