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Low HGH Treatment at National HRT Center

If you wake up feeling tired, run out of steam long before the day is over, are gaining weight and losing lean body mass at the same time, having trouble remembering little details, and have lost all interest in intimacy, it may be time to look into low HGH treatment from our national hormone replacement therapy clinic.

Treatment of Low HGH

National HRT® is a top medical center offering a variety of hormone replacement therapy options to men and women suffering from declining levels of some crucial chemical messengers in the body. We offer HGH treatment, along with testosterone replacement to adults over thirty who do not want to slow down and feel the unwanted effects of aging early in life.

HGH therapy has been used for decades to fill in the gap between what the body is producing and what it truly needs in order to thrive. Human growth hormone treatment is the missing link that can make the difference between going through the motions day after day and living every moment to the fullest extent possible.

How to Start Treatment

Everything in life has a starting point, and the way to begin the process of getting HGH treatment is by contacting a trained and professional hormone replacement therapy specialist. These doctors have the knowledge and experience needed to raise these levels safely in order to avoid any unwanted side effects. After all, the purpose of treatment is to improve the quality of life, not add further risk to it.

Here are the steps required for a diagnosis of low HGH levels to be made:

  1. Contact an HRT specialist for a consultation
  2. Be scheduled for a blood test at a local lab
  3. Get a physical examination
  4. Complete a medical history questionnaire

All of these steps will provide the doctor with the information needed to make a diagnosis of GH deficiency. The blood analysis will show if HGH levels are lower than they should be for proper bodily functions to take place while ruling out other possible reasons for the symptoms that are present. The exam will also rule out other health concerns while ensuring that the person is a candidate for low HGH treatment. It will also provide some necessary information that will be used to determine the medication dosage that will be prescribed. Finally, the questionnaire will also provide the specialist with an important look at past medical concerns as well as current symptoms.

What Medications Can Help You with Low HGH?

Depending upon the level of GH deficiency that a person is dealing with, the doctor may prescribe one of two different types of growth hormone treatment.

Some people will need to go directly to HGH injections due to a higher level of deficiency. This is especially true of people who have been dealing with their symptoms for more than a decade.

Other individuals who are not facing severe issues yet may choose to start out with Sermorelin as their low HGH treatment. Rather than providing the body with an increased amount of human growth hormone, Sermorelin signals the pituitary gland to increase its own production of this essential chemical messenger.

In order for Sermorelin to have the best outcome, HRT specialists recommend that individuals get eight hours of sleep each night since roughly half of the body’s daily secretion of HGH takes place during the period of deep, slow-wave sleep. Engaging in routine high-intensity exercise is also essential, as is lowering stress and maintaining a healthy diet.

How Much Does it Cost to Treat Low HGH?

The actual cost of growth hormone treatment is determined by a number of different factors:

  1. The dosage of the medication that has been prescribed by the doctor
  2. The brand of HGH injections chosen
  3. The style of injectable that is desired for use
  4. The frequency of HGH treatment
  5. The duration of the prescribed treatment protocol

For those who have been prescribed Sermorelin instead of HGH, dosage, injectable styles, frequency, and duration of treatment will also help determine the price to be paid for this therapy.

At National HRT®, our goal is to provide the best possible service at affordable prices at our hormone replacement clinic. We offer safe and legal low HGH treatment to women and men across the US. Contact us for a confidential, no-cost consultation today.