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What Are HGH Pills?

Written by Author - Authors Medical experts of the National HRT Clinic - October 26, 2015

It is easy to be swayed by flashy ads and phenomenal promises, and that is what is waiting for many people, who unsuspectingly buy HGH pills thinking that what they are purchasing is real HGH. These products most often contain a variety of amino acids and do not directly increase the level of available and usable growth hormone in the body.

HGH Pills

The HGH pills for sale online and in stores do not actually contain any real human growth hormones. There is a specific molecular structure of HGH, and it is not something that can enter the body (bloodstream) in any way other than via an injectable.

As we look into the subject of HGH pills, we typically find that the packaging on many of the products states in tiny print:

“Does not contain real HGH.”

How can manufacturers get away with marketing a product as HGH when they clearly state (in small print) that is not what is being sold? There is no such thing as real HGH pills – the typical item of this kind or sale will state that its purpose is to boost the body’s own physiological ability to secrete a higher level of growth hormone. These so-called “boosters” or “releasers” have been tested in studies time and again and have been proven over and over to be inferior at accomplishing what they claim.

In fact, many have been pulled from the shelves of vitamin stores or removed from the internet. Unfortunately, there are many more products waiting to take their place.

Do HGH Pills Work?

There are a few main reasons why HGH hormone pills do not work:

  1. The growth hormone molecule is extremely delicate and would not survive the process of being made into a pill or capsule of any type.
  2. With the exception of a few specially formulated injectables, HGH is not stable at room temperature.
  3. The digestive process and stomach acids would destroy any viable properties in the HGH pill before it could be put to use.

How can a product state that it contains human growth hormone pills when it reality it doesn’t? That is where the fine print comes into effect. The problem is that many people do not read the small print on the product boxes until after they have spent their money and gotten no results.

Think about it this way:

If it were possible to put real human growth hormones in a pill form, wouldn’t one of the leading pharmaceutical companies already have done that?

Perhaps this would not be profitable for a company already marketing a superior form of HGH injectable. However, there are many other leading pharmaceutical manufacturers that do not currently provide HGH because it is an expensive proposition for them to go into. Coming up with their own version of an HGH pill would be a bonus – and profitable moneymaker – except for the fact that it won’t work!

How to Get the Best HGH Results

An adult who is looking to get the best results from HGH therapy because the doctor has diagnosed a growth hormone deficiency following a comprehensive blood test review does not want to waste time or money on something that will not work, such as growth hormone pills.

The way to get the best possible results and benefits from human growth hormone therapy is with doctor prescribed HGH injections. This is the only real way of getting HGH treatment.

There is no such thing as the best HGH pills, and the doctors here at National HRT will not have people toss aside their hard earned money on something that will not work. Patches, oral or nasal sprays, drops, and HGH pills are not real human growth hormones. They will not raise the level of GH in the body the way that injectable HGH will accomplish.

In order to get the best results, get real HGH injections from a licensed and experienced US doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

Get Doctor Prescribed HGH Therapy

Instead of searching for where can I buy HGH pills, it is time to focus efforts on getting real hormone replacement therapy that will work. That means contacting a doctor who is an HRT specialist. There are typically options for both local and national clinics for individuals residing in major metropolitan areas. People in smaller towns may have to travel far to find a local doctor, or they can turn to a national clinic such as National HRT for easy assistance.

Our doctors know that there are no such things as legal HGH pills. The only legitimate HGH comes in the form of an injectable. Even then, due diligence must be taken to ensure that only a high-quality product is purchased.

The best doctor prescribed HGH therapy that can be purchased and administered includes:

  • Eli Lilly’s Humatrope
  • Novo Nordisk’s Norditropin
  • Pfizer’s Genotropin
  • EMD Serono’s Saizen
  • Sandoz’s Omnitrope

Our doctors are pleased to offer these medications to adults who can benefit from human growth hormone therapy. We provide complimentary, confidential phone consultations to men and women across the US, who are concerned that they may be dealing with some type of hormonal imbalance or deficiency. Please contact us today with any questions or to arrange for your blood test.

Medically reviewed by   Reviewers National HRT Staff - Updated on November 9, 2015

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.