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Adults Growth Hormone Deficiency Signs And Symptoms

GH Deficiency in Adults

As a growth hormone deficiency takes over the body with age, there can be some mild to severe human growth hormone HGH deficiency signs and symptoms in adults that will occur. Below are examples of the most common conditions due to a GH depletion that can stop a person from having a great quality of life.

  • Anxiety and/or depression

Hormones have a huge part in determining emotional well-being in both adult men and women. When growth hormones are too low and not balanced correctly, mild depression, anxiety, irritability, moodiness and anger can take over. People have been known to have uncontrolled anger outbursts due to hormone imbalances. This can tend to be a very serious condition.

If you are feeling down or filled with anxiety and tension and cannot figure out why, perhaps a hormone depletion is to blame. Before you allow a doctor to put you onto anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication(s), get your hormones tested. You could be surprised that instead of taking chemically filled pills with the possibility of many side effects, you could partake in safe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with only the very rare possibility of side effects occurring.

  • Baldness (in men)

One of the side effects of a growth hormone deficiency is balding. This will usually occur in men for the most part; however, male-patterned balding in women has occurred as well. Thinning hair or hair that does not grow in thick can also be two other signs that your growth hormones are low.

Why do men tend to lose their hair (more than women do) as they age? One reason is because their growth hormones are lacking in the correct amounts for hair to grow in healthy and strong. This is one of the most common physical signs of aging (depleting growth hormones) in men.

  • Decrease in sexual function and interest

One of the most common complaints that an adult patient has when they inquire about hormone replacement therapy is their lack of sexual interest and ability to function well. Low growth hormone levels will almost always have the side effects of decreased sexual desire and a low sexual libido.

In addition, men can suffer with erectile dysfunction and women can have problems with vaginal dryness. Hot flashes, night sweats and difficulty with having orgasms or sexual fantasies seem to be common signs of low GH levels as well.

  • Decreased muscle mass and strength

With age and a loss of GH, decreased muscle mass and less strength are very common HGH deficiency signs and symptoms. As growth hormone depletes, muscle mass tends to wane away and a person may find that he or she is just not as strong as they were years earlier. In addition, exercise capacity, stamina and endurance decrease, making it more difficult to gain the lost muscle mass back through exercise.

  • Difficulty with concentration and lack of memory

Many people may notice that their ability to concentrate and focus decreases as they get older and their GH depletes. They may no longer have a sharp memory (short and long term) as they used to have. Studies have linked plentiful growth hormone in the system (through HRT) to a slowing of Alzheimer’s Disease as well. Other symptoms of low GH can be mental fogginess and disorientation at times.

  • Dry, thin skin

Skin thickness and elasticity decrease as growth hormones deplete in the system. Growth hormone is responsible in part for keeping skin elastic, thick, supple, young looking and healthy. As GH lowers, a person tends to develop noticeable wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes and haggard looking skin. As skin thins, it can tend to start sagging. Skin dries out (like other parts of the body) and it does not look or feel healthy.

As one will probably notice, on a child with high levels of growth hormone, their skin will be thick and no wrinkles can be found. This is because their skin is dense and supple. Skin will most likely stay this way until the person turns 30. Thirty years old is average for when the aging process starts to take effect.

  • Fatigue and/or tiredness

Fatigue and/or tiredness tends to be one of the first symptoms of having a growth hormone deficiency. Both the mind and the body tend to tire quickly even when not under tremendous stress or physical activity. Sleepiness tends to be very common and difficulty getting up and out of bed in the morning can occur. In general, staying off the couch can sometimes be a challenge for those with a GH deficiency.

  • Heart problems

Studies have shown that heart rate and the overall health of the heart can start to decrease as growth hormones deplete. Atherosclerosis can develop which can lead to heart attack or stroke. This is a condition where levels of plaque harden inside the arteries. It can cause a blockage of blood flow to the heart and hence, cardiac arrest of stroke can occur.

  • High levels of LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol

With lowered levels of growth hormone usually comes an increase in the bad cholesterol levels (LDL). This can lead to problems with the heart, causing heart attack and stroke.

  • Lower tolerance to exercise

Tolerance to exercise fully and for long periods of time tends to decrease as growth hormones deplete within the system. This means that a person cannot participate in physical activity as long as they used to. This can lead to weight gain and a dislike for exercise.

  • Reduced bone density, making you more susceptible to developing osteoporosis

Decreased bone mineral density is one of the more common symptoms of an HGH deficiency. This makes bones more brittle and susceptible to fracturing or breaking easily. Studies have shown that those with low GH levels are more apt to develop the bone disease of osteoporosis. This can be very dangerous.

  • Sensitivity to heat and cold

The body may develop a sensitivity to heat and cold in a way that it never did before when growth hormones become depleted. Hot flashes and night sweats are common. Needing a sweater or light jacket in air conditioning is more common when GH depletes. The body often cannot adjust as well to temperature changes or extremes.

  • Very low energy levels

Low energy and lethargy are very common first symptoms of having a growth hormone deficiency. Sometimes lethargy becomes so bad, that a person does not want to get out of bed in the morning. This can lead to depression as well. Weight gain due to inactivity is common. Low energy levels can also lead to apathy and just not caring about life or the people who surround the person suffering.

  • Weight gain, especially around the waist

Weight gain and the slowing of metabolism are common symptoms that go along with a growth hormone depletion with age. Excess fat will tend to develop around the abdomen area first; especially with men. This can lead to a lower self image, low self esteem and depression.

For more information about HGH deficiency signs and symptoms in adults, please fill out our online contact form. Speaking for free with an expert clinical advisor can help to change one’s perspective of what life can be like after 30 when the mind and body start to change due to depleting growth hormones.